Italy’s furious response forces Austria to back-pedal after Vienna sends tanks to border

“…to deal with a surge of migrants entering from Africa.” Once again, let it be perfectly clear to all mislead daily by the media readers. The migrants are not merely “entering”. They are being ferried conveniently, from the coast of Libya into ports of Italy, across 900 kilometres of Mediterranean.

No dinghy, no small boat, no small craft can make it across 900 kms of Med. Only large enough vessels. There is plentiful evidence for the past 2 years now, that the MSF and other “rescue” craft are colluding with criminal people smugglers in Libya. Barring the “rescue”vessels from docking in Italy is before Italian courts now. Italy wants to put stop to people smuggling. The smuggling operations are orchestrated with EU fiscal assistance. A disturbing idea is that EU could be bringing those people to be used in the EU army. They are all young military age men, hardened in battles, little military training required, all speak English.

Democracy is a Punch & Judy Show
When they have swollen up our countries and have overwhelmed our housing supply and our services. Where shall we go? This is our home, are we not entitled to a place to call ours? These migrants already have a home. If their home is so rotten wouldn’t it be better to improve their own homes rather than ruin ours?

There has to be a limit to how many refugees any area can take in. Second, most of these people are not refugees – just economic migrants seeking a better life. I don’t blame them for that, but it doesn’t change the statisticaal facts. If every one was a white person – it still wouldn’t change the facts – we can’t keep taking people in without destroying our own countries. In UK we have 500k entering every year. Multiply that over ten years and you can see why we have a housing crisis!

It is not so long ago that the bulk of people in Britain lived in poverty and squalor. These people can change their countries for the better as well but they have to stay where they belong and put some effort in. We can’t pay for them all.

Luckily Timmermans of the EU doesn’t think the UK will be able to afford the reception of migrants due to Brexit, not that the UK is a part of the EU migrant quota arrangement anyway, and not many EU states have adopted it either.

J Blogs
Where is Amber Rudd? She must be the most silent Home Secretary / Cabinet MP ever. Why is she in that job when her brother is head of an “Open Britain” Group? His company is called “Finsbury” ! Ringing any bells anyone?

The Indie reported:- “Roland Rudd, the head of PR agency Finsbury who – like his sister – campaigned for Remain during the referendum, wrote in an article for the London Evening Standard that there could be no place for “vilifying foreigners in the new Britain”.

The New Britain? Never heard of it. The elite are still plotting against the majority. Boris is another – all his family are Remainers – why is he in a top Brexit j0b?
We are being stitched up!

There is a march on 5th August by forces veterans, their friends & family & everyone is encouraged to join it, from St Pauls, London. It is Veterens against Terrorism.

There is poverty and overpopulation in India and China, ie, well over 1 billion inhabitants, yet it’s always Africa where war rages. India and China have far more people but no religious conflicts as they are mainly void of religion. China got smart and had a one child policy, Africa needs to do the same pretty soon or we will all pay the price because of the far lefty loons in power.

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