UN Drops Syria Truth Bombs! Wow!

Truth Warrior
Published on Jul 2, 2017
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Russian Energy Device Cures All Diseases!

This is an incredible interview with the UN peace council that went to Syria and completely destroyed the lies on Syria from our Fake News! Donald Trump must see this! We are SICK of these bogus wars! We get NOTHING out of them while the scum in our Congress make money on them! Donald Trump, do what you said you would do and let Russia beat the hell out of ISIS! It’s not such a bad idea is it? You told us that! Get OUT of Syria. The US is funding ISIS in Syria! Wake up! Tweet this video to @realdonaldtrump and @potus to wake up Trump. If he fires missiles into Syria again, it could very well start WWIII! It’s INSANE! Get all our troops out of there! Stop funding and supporting ISIS in Syria!  White Helmets are a fake – they are embedded with ISIS.

1 RomanT (edited)
it’s about Ordo ab Chao
destabilize the west, by flooding Christian countries with radicalized, 20-30 yr old thugs, that are encouraged to rape, pillage, and plunder, while the authorities look the other way. when things hit a fever-pitch (that they want/need to happen), they bring in martial law….game over for individuals, and hello NWO.

Free the people
1 RomanT yes, the Albert Pike document last chapter in action. The luciferian rulers still don’t get it that they should turn from their wicked ways. The piper is coming to collect all the remaining wicked ones soon.

Becki Wildeman
Greater Israel = Greater Iran look it up.

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