UK Column News 4th July 2017 – Jersey Child Abuse Report

George Greek Trucker

  • G20 starts Friday in Hamburg & Western ”Establishment” in a bit of a panic.
  • ‘No questions allowed’ at Jersey Care Inquiry report publication – Frances Oldham concludes that ”no-one is to blame.”  ”The Jersey Way” is the way forward for children?  No-one is interested in who abused the children.  The buildings should be demolished thus destroying the evidence?  Children thrashed with nettles for wetting the bed; abused; locked up in solitary etc.  Poor things.  These were all just ”failings” not criminal acts.  No justice for children from Ian Gorst Jersey Chief Minister.
  • Looking at Beechwood Children’s Home – the police didn’t do a proper dig where Melanie Shaw told them bodies were buried.  The property was sold to a developer who then cleared the site thus getting rid of all the evidence – again!

Gez5011 (edited)
The proposed “demolition” of the CI Children’s Home reminds me of the fate of the school of the Sandy Hook “event” – or should it be “matter” – in the USA. Allegedly 17 children shot dead. Never seen again by their parents. No bodies seen. Mortgages of homes of “bereaved parents” paid off and “homes” purchased for 1 dollar on Xmas eve. “Parents” not traceable after. Sandy Hook school no longer exists. It was demolished. I guess the UK learnt quickly how to “cover up”.

I think it is worth remembering that Jack Straw brought in a rule when, I believe was Home Secretary, to ban children from making any allegations of abuse or complaint when within the Care system.

rich humphreys (edited)
Grenfell Tower was planned. They want people to Lose all trust in Government. Even if we have another election in the next few months and change it to Labour, they will prove to be just as incompetent so people will cry out for a new system.. Problem, reaction, solution.They will offer the solution of Mayor’s at a local level who will be more in touch with it’s resident’s within each city (agenda 21). They have to remove the national Government of each country ready for when the one world Governing body takes over further down the line.

Albert Metcalf
They are going to Hamburg for the Reeperbahn !!

  • Martin Moore-Bick appointed to lead Grenfell ”Enquiry”/Cover-up.  Mr Moore-Bick had been involved in ”decanting” people from the Borough in the past and is not a popular choice amongst the K&CC locals.  He was attempting to shut down/limit the scope of the enquiry but has been forced to look at why people’s warnings were ignored.
  • Why didn’t Grenfell firefighters speak out about death toll?  Apparently they have been ”gagged”.
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