”Princess Alexandra and ‘the Fatman’ Senator Wilfred Krichefski . Senator Wilfred Krichefski raped boys at the children’s home known as Haut de la Garenne. Jersey care inquiry: Wilfred Krichefski raped boys.

”It has been reported that top people took part in the rape, torture and murder of children at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home on the Island of Jersey.

It is suspected that certain security services used Haut de la Garenne as a centre for their torture and mind-control experiments, and, as a child brothel for members of the elite.”

Anonymous11 February 2015
Jersey Devil Statue
It’s odd to have a public statue of the devil in Jersey:
This is owned by The National Trust for Jersey, Patron HRH Prince of Wales:


Anonymous12 February 2015
That thing is grotesque.

On the other hand, if that statue is located on Jersey, we can at least be sure it’s appropriately sited.

Bigmoo3 July 2017
Prince Phillip and Prince Bernhard are the co founders of WWF as I recall. Apply the laws of inversion to understand their real role in society. As you rightly point out about the Royal Game thing. Again, we’ve been duped into believing they are an honourable charity with conservation in mind. Are they fvk.

I was on holiday in Holland a few years back in a small town called Zeist. Famous for a connection to Lockerbie/Panam trial of Meghrai the Libyan bomber. UK Police were stationed there and had a role to play during his trial. Sorry, waffling. Zeist is where WWF have their corporate headquarters (a deliberate choice of words). You wouldn’t believe the size and opulence of it. More like a global financial institution or a Google etc. Massive, low level sprawl with a huge footprint. Remember, Holland is one of the most crowded parts of Europe. Hey no problem though if your saving the snow leopard (hunting it to extinction). Or indeed putting GPS on elephant heards to track their whereabouts for conservation (much easier to hunt using helicopters and GPS) saves a whole pile of time and effort looking for those big nosed bstrds.

A strange world, run by Antediluvians and Khazars. A world only now being exposed by Aan.

Peace to the humans and those seeking the truth.

Anonymous4 July 2017
John Coleman claims that the WWF is a front for drug trafficking.

GW:  Nobody Came – And with the latest whitewash report by Frances Oldham QC  they continue not to come to the aid of children.

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