Podesta, Washington Post, & NCMEC: #PEDOGATE & Special Access To Children – Honeybee – The Truth Fairy


John Podesta looks to be related to Brian Podesta who is an analyst at NCMEC which happens to deal with missing and exploited children.  John Podesta also has relatives at The Washington Post and that is how he got a job as a columnist on it recently.  He has now used this access to the Washington Post to attack independent researchers such as Honey Bee.  Podesta maintains that the FSN is the real news after all.  Yea sure it is John – especially when you and your friend George Osborne are writing it! Georgie Porgie recently got his shoe in at Evening Standard and a ”Professorship” in Economics????  These guys don’t need to pass exams – they just pick up the phone!

Wendy Rosson
Illegal Cheese. We all need to make sure they do hard time and not fake punishment in a posh resort. Hillary knew a public hanging is what the people would ask for she said they would all have nooses around their necks if America finds out all the shit they have done.

See Plymouth Fury for details

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