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Published on Jun 27, 2017

”Something by Thomas Heatherwick to replace Grenfell Tower?”

NWO Symbolism
”Meanwhile, golden dandelion seeds spread around the audience
pixel screen, echoing the imagery from the natural world that inspired Thomas
Heatherwick’s Cauldron design.“”

PhanTom Prophet (edited)
i was thinking the same thing about the ‘official number of dead’..
The council is in a predicament.
At best, the council has been turning a blind eye to over occupancy.
At it’s worse, the council has been actively encouraging it.
So they can’t release the official number of the dead because it will expose the fact they have been allowing (unofficially) the over occupancy of the tower block.

If they were to release numbers from the official records of registered tenants , the discrepancy will obviously be noticed by those survivors who knew people living there, who are not on the official list.

It should be a simple process of taking the official tenancy records and cross referencing with the survivors known, then add a few for potential friends and family who may have been staying the night. But they know this figure would be massively off the true death toll.

I have heard rumours that some flats had up to 10 people living in them, but that is pure speculation.

Another scandal, is the fact survivors are going to be put into a nearby LUXURY Block, where the rent is around £2,500 per month for a 1 bedroom fat … now whilst i do not begrudge them having the accommodation, something doesn’t seem right. Prices for purchase start at £1.6 million each flat. (based on 68 being purchased by the government, that is an astonishing £108.8 million.)

Apparently some of the current occupants of the luxury apartments have been living there a couple of years.  Yet builders working there at the moment, have been saying there is a sudden rush to complete the remaining flats. So why had they not been completed already?

Makes me wonder had the Owners of the luxury flats been having trouble selling the remaining flats? It doesn’t seem right that some of the flats are not finished, at least 2 years after the first flats were finished, sold and occupied.

I suspect this tragedy is being used by the owners and the government to yet again funnel more public money into private hands, and sell the remaining flats to the government as social housing – whilst giving the current owners the money for flats they couldn’t sell to begin with ..

This is something that would have been opposed by the current occupants under normal circumstances but under the circumstances of this tragedy any one who may oppose the move, would seem heartless.

Could it also set a precedent for the government to start taking unoccupied houses and flats into public ownership for social housing, under a compulsory purchase scheme?

i can’t put my finger on it, but something about this whole situation doesn’t sit right… from the fire itself, the managing of the immediate crisis, through to the time taken to identify numbers of dead, to the rehousing.

Also, there are lots of rumours (plausible numbers) that a lot of the donations of clothes, food and toys, are being sold by individuals.

Also, the £5,000,000 provided by theresa May as an emergency fund for the survivors, smells fishy … based on 126 flats that equals £39,682 per flat. Now we know some flats had Zero survivors … I would be amazed if the survivors get anywhere close to the £40k pledged. and i think it will be worth while keeping an eye on where this money ends up going and how much the survivors actually get.

Also will there be any trade-off of rights and liabilities for the council from those who accept the money? i.e. will survivors be forced to sign away their rights to prosecute the council, in return for the emergency cash? it’s something i wouldn’t put past the government.

cidereye (edited)
Good post. There are FAR too many anomalies to be simply just ignored, there’s far more to this than meets the eye and I hope all of it comes out eventually.

Despite the obvious sensitivity of the Grenfell Tower situation we need to continue to ask questions as to what really happened. There’s so much that just does not ring true about the whole thing.

Angela Verden
PhanTom Prophet Well the people who aren’t bloody sleepwalking around know full well the Government are as bent as a coat hanger. So while I and others here get everything you’re saying. Unfortunately there’s more people sleepwalking than there are awake. So the countries only gonna get worse. Not till something happens that affects the sleepwalkers personally will people start waking up. By that time our chance of change will be too late 😦

I know of new, plush flats in North Sheffield that could not be sold and the council purchased them ‘on the cheap’ and filled them with immigrants.

The Way
It is all a stage production. Anymore, I believe the opposite of what any media spews out. None of us has any idea what is really going on in this world we share. Very dark powers (Vatican, imo & very obvious if you follow the dots ) are the hidden puppet masters of all the world’s governments. There is no national sovereignty anymore. The NWO slipped into reality while we were sleeping and believing the experts and authorities.

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