School chief paid £160,000 as academy faces CLOSURE of ‘crippling’ costs

”Nigel Ward, CE of the Northern Schools Trust which runs five north-west England academies, raked in the eye-watering sum over 12 months working for the trust.

Nigel Ward was paid £160,000 last year – despite Kingsway Academy facing closure.

”It means the chief executive earns approximately £10,000-a-year more than Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s £150,402 salary.”

”Peter Glover, from the National Union of Teachers, slammed Mr Ward’s pay and said it should go to the children – not line bureaucrat’s pockets.”

He said: “Academies are a failing system. That money is going to the board – not teachers.

“Grant money should go to the children not bureaucrats who are not publicly accountable.

“Parents just see school teachers. They don’t see this sort of private bureaucrat.

“It’s public money going to line their pockets. It’s a national and local scandal.”

“I would publicly challenge Nigel Ward to a debate and to explain what his role is and what his experience in education is.”

No wonder schools don’t have enough money. No doubt the same applies in the NHS.

The whole education system is a mess. The way we fund it is a joke, and provision is just as bad. New models are needed. We are funding a system that was born in the industrial revolution and government still think it applies to today.

Odd thing, but the money will not go into children but provision. That is different, the current school makeup is several million children in excess of 1980’s planning where most schools were earmarked for closure and amalgamation over the next 20 years. Most small schools have gone, my home town lost 5, 3 primary, 2 secondary. The money then went into ‘new’ rather than old buildings to replace the ‘new’ 60/70’s buildings in the last spending surge – now sold for housing. Most spending is on special needs, not because there are more disabled children, but because the language teaching staff increase needed to be hidden in the accounts and those children could not learn in a normal class.


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