Farrell and Pidcock on Corruption in South Yorkshire Police part 1 of 2

Tony Farrell was principal Intelligence Officer at South Yorkshire Police

Published on Oct 12, 2012
Cover-up allegations you will not find in the Independent Inquiry disclosures.

Tony Farrell, whistleblower, and David Pidcock, leader of the Islamic Party of Britain, discuss corruption in the South Yorkshire police and Sheffield City Council, focussing on Hillsborough and the recent child abuse scandals.

10 May 2014

Update on the Tony Farrell situation from Syncrenicity:


However Mr Windows @ Windows on the World regards these X Cops as

”Gatekeepers and Goons”

and gave the following

”Further Update: After writing the original article “Ex Police Officer” Dave Eden of the “Community press Group”, which is now defunct wrote a piece called “Mark mywords it doesnt take M15 to see through windows”.

”Windows on the World” has this to say about Mr Farrell:-

“Ex Police” infiltrators target political interest groups

A good example of how this infiltration works is “Ex Intelligence Analyst” for South Yorkshire police, Tony Farrell who after his “sacking” quickly aligned himself with every group around the country he could. Farrell stated the reason for his sacking was because he “woke up” to the New World Order and the truth behind 9 11. …..(Yawn, Ok Sarge.)

And ”Syncrenicity” has endeavoured to disrupt as follows:-

”The website http://www.syncrenicity.com has also put out further nonsensical hatred against myself and others. The owners of the site and its registered address are all in the article. Despite chances to remedy the owners of the ”Syncrenicity” site Keir Argent and Bruno Delpeuch have failed to respond to the inciting of hatred against myself and others.

There was a also a dedicated channel to attack the Windows on the World You Tube videos “Infiltration Special” and “Police state harassment exposed” The channel is called Beefyuk1.”

GW:  After considering what Mr Windows has said about police infiltration of the alternative media, it seems interesting that Mr Farrell’s friend Mr David Pidcock so readily ”found his way to Islam.”  Hmmm  Worse than the Soviet Union!

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