Theresa May steps back from public sector pay cap as anti-austerity pressure grows

”Tory austerity appeared to be crumbling at the edges today, as Theresa May further distanced herself from a hated public sector pay freeze.

Downing Street said the Government would consider potential wage increases for nurses, police officers and firefighters on a “case by case” basis after a string of top cabinet ministers signalled backing for an end to the blanket 1 per cent cap on all public servants.”

”A Downing Street spokesman defended the Government’s record, but pointed to potential changes ahead.

Justine ‘I’ve just cut the aid bill in my department because I lost £100 Mill on the Rail fiasco in my previous life’ Greening – and now I am SofS for Education – How jolly.

He said: “Dealing with the economic mess we inherited from Labour (that old chestnut again – we all know that there was a Global Recession in 2008 which was beyond the UK’s control) has meant hard work and sacrifice, including for public sector workers. That hard work and those tough decisions have helped get our deficit down by three-quarters, and public sector pay restraint has helped us protect jobs.”

Education Secretary Justine Greening and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt are also both reported to be pushing for new deals for teachers and nurses.

GW: Well Well Well. Hunt shows his true colours – he really is a ”tool” who does exactly as he is told rather than someone who actually cares about NHS Staff. I commend that NHS staff member who wanted to see that NHS Badge rammed into his forehead. Not that GW would ever advocate use of violence of course.  These psychopathic individuals do challenge one’s patience however.

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