Grenfell Has Opened Up A Huge Sub-letting ”Can of Worms”

Grenfell Tower chaos: Council responsible for flats faces the axe

There needs to be a raid on letting agents as it will only be these who know who the mystery landlords really are = who the tenants really are. Not to pursue this = cover up = P on the graves

But these are ruthless people who took the country housing stock as a main income whilst working in councils in effectively what became their ‘front’. The other problem is that so many are at it in almost every council and there a freemason nature to how all of it is possible in the first place

Some people bypass letting agents and do it themselves, they have to keep it from the Council otherwise they are in breach of the rental contract which is why it will be difficult to find out who was in some of the flats.

Very true but if you are a council official you have no choice but go through an agent

well reasonably – they could use other persons in which case any failure to pursue a thorough investigation is also a cover up. The matter is rife and well-known so even any claim that these situations are unpredictable therefore you’d not investigate on that level would also be lies

Many of the landlords are the council officers themselves who moonlight on their laptops running huge property empires

(Labour) London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the Government had “no option” but to bring in commissioners who would (not be Tory). O wot a shock announcement!

Jon Robertson
All this must be within the remit of City Hall, Therefore it is right and just that Sadiq Khan should also be fired. Looks like a high proportion of these flats were not occupied by the legitimate tenants, but were sub – let in doubtless horrendously overcrowded conditions. Where is the man whose fridge started the fire, who is he, was he a legal occupant? Why did he make no attempt to extinguish or control the fire (Guess we know the answer to that don’t we?) As usual, everyone is to blame except the law-breaking illegal occupants

Just heard the government apparently won’t be prosecuting anyone who was subletting their flat if they come forward. Obviously the council rules have been abused and ignored and it just goes to show that accommodation wasn’t desperately needed by the legitimate tenant anyway.

every aspect should be investigated with no exceptions. Let us see the full picture and prosecute/punish ALL of those that are guilty.

Did I hear it right that we cannot account for everyone because there were illegal immigrants living there? If so we be better get around quick and carry out checks on who is living in other tower blocks/council owned properties.

Name and shame them

Hardly likely unfortunately.

If councils checked their stock and tenants, loads of them are sublet. If you sublet your flat, you don’t need it. Give it to someone who needs a home. If some flats in Grenfell were owned there will be a record of owner. If they were council property, then they will know tenants name by records, Nobody can be blamed for people who should never have been living there in first place.

The Grenfell tower fire has opened a whole can of worms regarding the management of council owned flats. Not only in the Metropolis. Just how many have apartments sub-let and earning good money for their nominal leasees? How many are in multiple occupation with each room occupied by yet another illegal immigrant or other dubious person? Time for the councils to do a serious survey of their properties and to see just what is going on in them.

grandad with attitude
Gotta sort it out, right from the source (Council), the letting agents, people responsible for repairs etc. Unfortunately, the property buying and letting gravy train has accelerated out of control, lining people’s pockets at the rent/mortgage payers expense. All the time, the letting agents are in control
there will be no way to check on legitimate tenants or to cap fair rents. Not only Kensington and Chelsea but nationwide.

If the will is there the problem of illegitimate tenants can be solved . A good first start would be to cross reference the names on the electoral rolls against those of the tenants registered as holding the lease of the flats. Then check the payers of utility bills like wise. The go the whole hog and send a “heavy gang” round knocking on doors when the tenants are likely to be home just to see who and how many are living in the flats. A concierge could be hired to manage the block and check on just who is coming and going.

The council bosses will get the opportunity to step down, or resign. Keeping all their goodies, amazing pensions. With the usual cry of he was a good man sorry to see him go. he will be difficult to replace.The peasants would just be sacked, and lose everything.

SHOCKING Grenfell Tower illegal subletting amnesty announced by Sajid Javid

so now it’s OK to be illegal and sublet social housing and deceive the taxpayers and get a new build property in the process, what is happening to this country when if you’re foreign you can do what you like !!!


Councils need investigating – seems to be a whole lot of mismanagement going on.  The government need to crack down on this.  Dare say hundreds of bogus social claiments exist, can of worms indeed.

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