Chuka Umunna’s Brexit rebellion backfired and only served to isolate his anti-Corbyn faction

We are living in a time of political and economic crisis. In a crisis our leaders need to find solutions and to do this they need ideas and ideology. Corbyn and the left have this.

Chuka unfortunately doesn’t seem to have one. He is a Blairite relic trying to straddle the middle ground, trying to please everyone. On the one hand he wants us to stay in the single market in order to protect human rights but at the same time adopts a tory-lite business friendly agenda. Surely he needs to join the lib-dems and fight to get a 2nd referendum? He has nothing left to offer labour.

Chuka is an elitist who is known to have said that normal working-class people were ‘trash’. The irony being that he will end up is the dustbin of history.

Septimus Plantpot
The point, my dear Eddie, is that Chuka is not sticking to his principles by arguing for membership of the Single Market, because he was arguing from the opposite point of view last year. He is, in fact, nothing if not inconsistent.:-)

Jon Taylor
When even Tom Watson criticises you you know you have gone too far.

Fact: The coalition and Tory Governments have spent more than the last Labour governments combined, the crash of 2008, instigated by the Banks and originating in the USA, happened under Brown’s watch and the spending did go up to bail the banks out, and Labour still remained more prudent than the Tories.

Chuka doesn’t like it when his background is raised !

He led the attacks on ‘tax avoiders’ , yet his £1 million family home was funded from a tax haven namely a Jersey-based trust which helps ‘high net worth’ individuals to ‘plan for and mitigate tax liabilities’. When challenged on this Umunna stated it ” Was a private matter .”

So really as far as he is concerned it’s a case of “don’t do as I do, just do as I say .”

Hypocrite ?

He didn’t like being scrutinised for labelling normal people as “trash” on ASmallWorld (Myspace for Millionaires) and trying to find “cool places” to hang out where he didn’t have to mingle with “C-list wannabes”.

I wonder what MI5/MI6 code word activates Chumba?
‘Margaret Thatcher’ perhaps.
Anyway his handler has been busy this week
He is two-faced scum.

Ummuna is bad for politics; a reminder of the greasy Blair’s and Mandellson’s. Who can doubt he would be climbing into George W. Bush or Donald Trump’s pocket at the first opportunity when he arranges a parliamentary vote against both the will of the people and a Labour Party manifesto within weeks of the election he fought upon that manifesto. He and Owen Smith and Kinnock are a cancer that needs to be rooted out of the Labour Party if it is to reconnect with voters in a way that gets them beyond 256 MPs.

GW: Labour is being slowly purged of Blairites.

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