The Opinion of the Majority of UK Population is that The Tori Party sucks – The Toris must ”get over it” and stop trying to sack every journalist who happens to agree with this sentiment!

The Independent – Tory MP destroyed by BBC guest over DUP deal

Thanks to NLAT for this link.

TV newsman Jon Snow slammed by MPs after festival-goer tweets him ‘chanting about Tories’ at Glastonbury

Mike Harding
Here’s Boris being roasted by “that Tory propaganda machine the BBC” (Eddie Mair) This should have had him banned from holding any public office

‘You’re a Nasty Piece of Work, Aren’t You? The BBC’s Insanely Awkward Interview with London’s Mayor
‘You’re a Nasty Piece of Work, Aren’t You?’: The BBC’s Insanely Awkward & Hard-Hitting Interview with…

LiverFree Ordie

Nick Pepper: Eddie Mair has a knack of getting under his skin. Not much love lost I suspect

Andy Billings: Frankie Boyle takes the view that the current lot are there to absorb the crap and protect the interests of capital. The beeb is staffed at senior level with plenty of ex-commercial people. This is just part of the game of bread and circuses.

Mike Harding: Following the Chaos Theory as described in Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine – I tend to agree – nothing else explains also a president of the USA who tweets like a child of ten.

Grant Shapps says Conservatives had ‘the world’s worst manifesto’ but refuses to blame Theresa May

“It “wasn’t down to people suddenly changing their mind about austerity, which none of us have ever liked,” Mr Shapps said. “

Austerity should last for ever and Britain must get used to being a ‘leaner, more efficient state – David Cameron, Lord Mayor’s Banquet, 2013.

Well fancy that!

Kerr Avon

‘Unnecessary election’ Michael?

Kerr Avon
Grant Shapps/Michael Green/Hong Kong Phooey or whatever he calls himself these days was Minister for Housing and Local Government for 3 years and had to resign from his later ministerial appointment due to allegations of bullying within the Conservative Party.

ToriCon – Grant Shapps/Michael Green/Sebastion Fox

Sorry Shapps. The majority are fed up with Austerity for the Plebs and Tory protected Tax Dodging for millionaires. Without Osborne claiming that it is Expansionary Fiscal Contraction and that the mythical Trickle Down Theory makes everybody richer the Tories have been exposed as Con Artists. Shapps is just moaning because Theresa May brought Johnson and Gove back but ignored the architect of the Dodgy Magic Roadshow which won the 2015 Election but was deemed illegal by the Electoral Commission. Funny that the Tories dropped the idea for 2017.

Where has this turd been hiding ?

As the Holy Trinity of Shapps, Michael Green and Sebastian Fox.

the wrath of andy
Using the Kremlin watch technique for deciding who’s on the rise and who’s going down, I’ve noticed Damian Green lurking in the photo op’s with the Maybot. Treeza has surrounded herself with monkeys like Boris, Gove and Hunt, but they’re often not at the top table these days.

More hand-wringing from the Nasties.

The manifesto was a Treeza-Downing Street Parrots creation; and was no Freudian slip.

But what do Michael Green, Corinne Stockheath and Chuck Champion think?

They wrote it.

Thanks to NLAT for this link.

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