‘EU desperately needs Britain’ Brussels urged to offer UK access to markets after Brexit


Germany wants a good Brexit deal;

German car industry worried about a nodeal WTO SCENARIO

The hit to German carmakers from a “no-deal”, so-called “hard Brexit”, characterised by the introduction of WTO tariffs on imports, could be as catastrophic as the impact of the financial crisis and lead to a massive reduction in its trade surplus and huge, politically traumatic job cuts in its core industry.

That, at least, is the message from adevastating study published by Deloitte’s German unit


Brexit to trigger CASH CRISIS in Europe: Huge EU tax on nations to fill £10.5BN black hole


Ever since the Common Market morphed into the EEC and then the EU, I’ve never heard a single Europhile politician, or journalist explain to peasants such as me the benefits to myself, or my country, of being a major contributor to the kitty. Nor what the begging bowl countries bring to the table, apart from cheap manufacturing for German companies.

The globalists are running scared, there is talk of people wanting Soros, the evil twisted criminal banker, arrested and charged over his crimes. The EU, the child of the globalists is in crisis, more citizens are calling for a referendum on their own EU membership. The sheeples are waking up and the 1% are in a blind panic over what to do and how to deal with it. So far it’s been false news on the MSM (main stream media) to hide what they are up to, but it’s no longer working.

Their brainwashing techniques are failing, especially on the newest generation of 18 year olds able to vote, they are more likely to be conservative rather than some twisted version of a lefty libtard. This is the beginning of the end for the EU and Globalism, it’s dead in the water!

Everyone was telling May to simply just walk away and get Britain back on course .What could the EU do if we ceased all payments to them???
we need a REAL leader not May she shows us all time & time again that she is not up to the job to take good care of our Country!

Stop relocating every other month and stop building unnecessary buildings!
Oh and stop filling your faces with gourmet food and soaking your livers with alcohol.

£10.5BN black hole?

Peanuts, considering that corruption in the EU is running at an estimated £100 billion per year! Why don’t they do something about that?

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