Thank Jeremy Corbyn, not Theresa May, for the Conservatives’ latest U-turn on public sector pay

At PMQs, Jeremy Corbyn tried to make Theresa May face reality by asking if she accepted that the ”Austerity Policy” might have contributed to deaths at Grenfell Tower

‘Theresa May blamed the cladding on Tony Blair, saying that it was under his government its usage began – but completely ignored the fact that the Tories have been in partial power since 2010 and full power since 2015. The Conservative Party are more than happy to take credit for things – but cannot fathom the concept of taking responsibility for things when they go wrong. Such denial is corrosive, and is most definitely not good for PR after a week or so of absolute shambles.”

13 July 2017 

Private Eye No 1447 

Colour Blind

Theresa May was quite clear about one important aspect of the response to the Grenfell Tower disaster.  ”For too long in our country, under governments of both colours, we simply have not given enough attention to social housing,” she told the Commons.

The Prime Minister may have missed it but official government statistics published two days earlier made clear that she was speaking from her own colour’s experience.  Just 1102 government-funded social rented homes were built in 2016/7, the lowest on record.  The total was down 51% on the previous year and 96% since the Tories returned to power in 2010.


MPs reject Labour bid to scrap public sector pay cap

A staff nurse starts off at 23k apparently. Pay and living standards are relative, or ideally should be, you cut back and come to a point where you have no slack left.
We are all going thru hard times, we have been thru five years of pay freezes, then redundancy. So yes it should be looked at.  MPs get pay rises the Royal family does, so logically it means their staff do too.

Why not look at the exorbitant wages council chiefs rake in?

Whilst glad the “Dark Lord” has been put in his place in this instance, it was done not for those public sector workers in mind but his victory, and his twisted beliefs.  Really?

I think its time to look for austerity in other places.

GW:  As for Corbyn’s defeat on Public Sector Pay by some ”wretched MPs” – Madame La Lash must have been very busy in the Commons Basement.

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