Mark Carney just revealed two shock graphs that paint a VERY interesting Brexit picture…

The problem with Carney is that he revealed himself to be fully working for the EU, not Britain. He did not merely forecast a bad time for Britain if we Brexit. He colluded with George Osborne to wreck the British economy in revenge for the Brexit vote. Luckily, Osborne was ousted. Since Carney is a foreign national he cannot be charged with treason, but I believe he should have been sacked over a year ago for being disloyal to Britain

He must have done a deal, no way he would abandon his remain bs this easily without promises from May. Brexit is being betrayed.

GW: The NeoGlobalLibtards have now worked out how to do a ”Faux BREXIT” so Carney has adjusted his graphs accordingly. They are a bunch of liars endov!

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