World heading for financial crash as China on verge of ‘boom gone wrong’

Blame China, Russia, North Korea, Iran or Syria except themselves for what they brought upon us – the real truth is that these other countries economies are what kept us from financial oblivion for a while but time is running out for the West…War is on the horizon instigated once again by the corruption and greed of the West.

1Bn people in China, 6Bn rest of the world 5.3Bn excluding EU, why the focus on China?

the light
Remember when we were told what benefits there were in globalisation. Shortly afterwards most production in western countries was shifted to China (very ecologically beneficial) putting our own out of work. Meanwhile any low paid jobs still available were given to low paid EU workers or outsourced to countries like India and the Philippines – ensuring the death of any sort of hope for our ordinary workforce.
Who actually benefited from globalisation?
Not the Chinese workers who are treated like our own workers here were during the industrial revolution ie like slaves
Not the western workers who are losing their jobs
Not the middle classes who are paying more and more taxes direct and indirect
Not the economies of western countries which are bankrupted through paying welfare to everyone who turns up in their countries as well as to all their own unemployed
Not western citizens who are forced to rely on foreigners who control vast areas of our infrastructure and charge us more than they would dare to charge their own citizens
So who does benefit?
Business owners whose profits have gone through the roof since their wage bill has plummeted and is being made up by taxpayers. And they can also avoid paying taxes by hiding it offshore or getting tax back deals
Bankers who are getting vast amounts of interest but when their gambles fail, the taxpayer bails them out so it is a win-win for them
The global elites who see their power growing as ordinary citizens are busy fighting among themselves for the decreasing amount of crumbs falling from the table

tick-tock …

Yep take a look at Dutch Banker, Ronald Bernard Part 2.

SavedByGrace 0909

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