State pension BOMBSHELL: Payments ‘to be MEANS-TESTED for high-earners to stop crisis’

Those that don’t should never benefit! In a sensible society, not working, not paying in should not be supported by those that do! Labour have a skewed view of helping the underclasses, and the Tories normally support working and saving? This whole plan is being contrived because for the last thirty years the Governments have allowed the underclass to grow at the expence of those who work and pay their way! The welfare bill grows each year, without the nettle being grasped! Where is this planned to end up? A few supporting the many? Do we seriously believe the influx of migrants are net contributors? We’ll be lucky if these newbies cover their own costs, let alone contribute to the masses! Where’s the motivation to work, plan and strive, if we keep being shafted?

Ex Labour voter
This is so wrong. So you work all your life,pay into the system, don’t claim a penny in benefits and when you retire you have to be means tested. Once again people on benefits who have not worked a tap get everything. Also people ie immigrants who have not paid a tap into the pot will be getting my pension. Really you could not make this up.

Where do I apply for a full refund of all the NICs I paid?

HS-2: £55billion and likely to cost double that based on past government “guesstimates” .
Free healthcare for UK nationals living abroad: £650m annually.
Winter fuel allowance for UK nationals living in sunny Spain: £57m annually.
Continued payments to the EU since June 2016: £18bn and rising.

I have no problem with means-testing if it includes all section of society including politicians (both Commons and Lords) who seem to enjoy incredibly generous benefits paid by the taxpayer for producing rather mediocre results.

The Government should means test all the eastern europeans to identify if they should be allowed to live in UK if they don’t pay taxes how are they contributing to the pension pot

the pension is not a state benefit, I have contributed to it since leaving school,if the government chose to pay it annually from taxes raised as opposed to an investment fund, thats their problem.

No. Completely wrong. Instead payments to those of pensionable age who failed to pay enough NI should be STOPPED. That is the unfair bit. people getting paid the equivalent of the pension when they have not earned it.

This is nothing to do with “an ageing population” and everything to do with there simply being too many people in the country who don’t pay any tax, or who pay in less than they take out in benefits. Too many people have been allowed to come here in recent years to sponge off the welfare state from day one, without contributing anything. If this plan becomes law, it will be merely the start … in a few years ALL welfare, including the NHS, will be means tested, meaning those who pay for it through their taxes won’t be able to use it.

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