Queen to get 8% PAYRISE thanks for taxpayer as jet-setting royals travel soars by £4.5m


I’ve never understood why the royals need such a large income, when they have everything they could ever possibly need?  We give these people way too much money,especially at a time when the services in this country are appalling.

Why can’t we reduce their million pound allowances and invest in this country?
If we took away just one million do you think these people would starve? Wouldn’t have any designer clothes to wear?  It’s absolutely ludicrous the piles of money we give them.

Did the Queen travel in a convoy of Rolls andBentleys to Ascot races – Yes. Was her convoy of cars polluting the atmosphere- Yes. Why didnt they take an Electric bus that is less polluting. Did she parade on Ascot Race track in a horse drawn carriage. -Yes Is the Queen obsessed with horses -corgis – Yes Has she sat on a powerless throne for 65 years – Yes. Does she avoid conflict at any cost -Yes. Does she wave smile shake hands cut ribbons open schools etc etc etc -Yes Does she speak in public to commoners who pay her bills. – NO Does she live rent free in Buckingham palace – Yes with her Greek immigrant husband – Yes. . Is her brood and their kids all jobless- Yes. So what has she ever done in 65 years to improve the living standard of her subordinate subjects the commoners who pay her bills .Sadly facts are ignored by masses of lobotomized plebs, her subordinate subjects who live in a Twilight Zone of illusion

GW:  8 percent pay rise for the Queen; MPs got 2 payrises in 2016; 1.5 Billion for the DUP Deal; but heck it’s still more ”Austerity” for tax payers; UK are told ”There’s no Magic Money Tree” and nurses were given 1 percent.  HMMM

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