NHS AT BREAKING POINT: Surgeries struggling to cope with demand, warns leading doctor


Joe Public
I apologise for being a pensioner and being a burden on society.
I pay full rates,income tax and receive no other benefits except for the winter fuel allowance(I refuse to call the state pension a benefit as that is something I’ve paid for)
Yet when I go to my doctor’s surgery very often I’m the only white one there amongst many who cannot even communicate clearly in the English language.
Now do the maths!

20millon A&E in a year who are these people, and from where, they go to A&E to by pass doctor’s most are UK originals, and have not paid a penny into the system

We need another Million migrants and Benefit Tourist to finish this country off. No sweat for MPs when we pay their Bupa fees.

??????? MPs get BUPA courtesy of UK Tax Payer???????

Funny how T May found a billion pounds for her grubby DUP deal,yet there is no magic money tree, where is the £350 million a week to the NHS that was promised?  It’s going on the Buck House Refurb – didn’t they tell you?

Mixed race and British proud
Too many using it and not enough paying for it. I am quite a high earner when I work full time. Now it’s just 1 or 2 days a week for me. I flatly refuse to pay taxes where ever I can. Money being thrown away like confetti. Today it is reported a forelgn R2pist was given 27K compensation for being detained in a deportation centre and then of course this piece of shlt was allowed to stay. No LIBLABCON can f00k right off. I will not be contributing to the insanity in the almost, ungovernable country.

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