Spending watchdog condemns ‘risky and expensive’ Hinkley Point

NLAT: For more information on Amber Rudd and Hinkley Point visit this site:

Amber Rudd Fails to Disclose That Brother is Top Financial Lobbyist with Energy Clients


Damning report says nuclear project is bad for UK consumers and governments failed to assess alternative finance models

The construction site for Hinkley Point C near Bridgwater, Somerset. Critics say the report vindicates their claims the project is too expensive.

”Generations of British consumers have been locked into a “risky and expensive” project by the UK’s subsidy deal for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, according to a damning report by the spending watchdog.”



Bigus Chrisms @ NLAT: Spending tax payers money to guarantee the energy companies double the going rate for 35 years always seemed risky and expensive to me. Apparently the build will cost £18bn – and the cost of subsidies…. £30bn. You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics to work out that doesn’t seem like a very good deal.

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