Grenfell Tower Sacrifice: BBC To play the King predictive programming damage control?

The Conscientious Objector
Published on Jun 20, 2017
My first ever video that’s been instantly blocked worldwide.

See the clip in question here

To play the King

Lord Michael Dobbs…

Grenfell Demolition Order…

Shillers List
Can’t beat your 1993, but I found this myself today:
1997 Two London’s BURNING Episodes re……..GRENFELL.
Other than that. I’ve had many Worldwide Blocks. Try uploading an SNL sketch. lol, and whatever you do, never upload anything regarding the Hebrew Band S#u#p#e#r#t#r#a#m#p. Not a Block but a STRIKE will come in a millisecond from their EverG’R’E#E#N Media.

Bryan Cooper (edited)
The episodes were NOT called ‘Grenfell’. Brian Withstandley played a character called Grenfell. That is spooky enough, but gawd it’s hard work keeping you lot on your game.

The Rose of England logo has 7 stars , as the 7 sisters star(Pleiades) ,London attack 7 sisters road !!! Thanks for the video : )

AD 1517 Corpus Christi College

The Conscientious Objector
You’re welcome mate and thanks for the comment…just trying to join the dots that we’re presented with.

The Conscientious Objector
Plenty of symbolism here also – >

Fellow Man
THE BIG P99 OR things are going on that we have no idea about… the whole agenda COULD BE….occultic,

Amaterasu Solar
Ah geez. They sure were on top of THAT, weren’t They.

The Conscientious Objector4
I’ve never had a video get taken down so quickly…it was seconds Amy…

Amaterasu Solar4
Must have been AI…

Mis Concealedreality
On the sacrifice side of things, I found this Go to 1:47

The Conscientious Objector
Very interesting indeed, So there’s been another “attack” in Regents Park…with a shoe horn!! Yes a shoe horn…more references to the sole/soul maybe?

They blocked it right away cuz it exposes their dirty work,
Great catch my friend ✌️

free thinker
I shared the whole episode on twitter with hashtags and facebook, there was also a similar prediction on an old episode of ”London’s Burning.”

Olive Dove
Hi Conscientious! Here is a link to Putlocker website people can view the actual episode thankyou for the info

Soo D. Num
wow, the shills/trolls/sockpuppets are swarming at the mo, really active all over social media, even active on these smaller channels. most be the sheer amount of psyops they’re having to cover. lottsa overtime… £££$$$
to all at 77th brigade, “hello, have a nice day”

Beetle Green
OY VEY !!! Doze goym are onto us again !!! Dayv even found our beloved CHABAD. ORG – >

karen mcardle
Hi , I managed to see the video, Enchantedlifepaths channel on a video he made of kings, & it was gone right after i’d viewed it, There’s another programme out just now called (Fearless), if you can take a wee watch, it’s so telling of everything that is/Has went/going down & what’s so far wrong with these politicians & the church. Surely there’s more than a few, morally correct, good honest standing ppl in the government. Is that why that liberal leader left!  The world seems to be a stage & they’re playing it like a well-tuned piano, even their strings have to burst at some point.
Jesus even says beware of the Lawman, sorry I can’t remember, were it’s said .

The Pharisees? 

”The Pharisees tried to correct Jesus with their own man-made laws that were not from Moses. They made up their own laws; that were not from God to correct Jesus. Jesus’ whole ministry was in conflict with their teachings, and more often than not he was addressing the religion that they perpetrated upon the people. They were very religious and most were in awe of how blessed they were. They were were well known and wanted everyone to learn and follow their ways and interpretations of the Scripture. If there is anything we can learn from Jesus on this it is to not submit to man made laws, traditions of men or false Bible interpretations by famous religious men who are known by all. The main point is that we are all are to be subject to the same authority and standard, the Word of God. No man can make you submit to there own words unless you want to. However they have clever ways to convince you by guilt, fear and just plain spiritual manipulation just like the Pharisees.”

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