Camden Flats To Be Evacuated: The Agenda Unfolding

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Published on Jun 23, 2017

Grace Boothman
The claddings on the outside why decant/empty the buildings?
I think it’s beta test for mass removals.
I think they are trying to piss people off too so they riot.
We had the “DAY OF RAGE” on Wednesday. Lots of local celebs pushing people to riot in Kensington on Wednesday.

Kirks 71
Interesting to note that the person who ordered the evacuation Leader of Camden Council Georgia Gould was the digital manager of The Blair Faith Foundation. Her father Philip Gould was Tony Blair’s chief strategist!!! That certainly does not bode well for the residents that have been evacuated. Where on earth are they going to find accommodation on a Friday night for 800 flats averaging 4 people per flat……..that’s almost 3,200 people!!!! At least we know now where the food and clothing mountain for Grenfell is going.

Ginja Ninja
…could this not have been conducted…in daylight…with ample ‘notice’ and addressing only a certain number at a time? I keep thinking about the new Law against HOMELESSNESS…making it…(apart from utterly amoral in a city like London) to now it is also ILLEGAL. Think about that…these people have been MOVED INTO ILLEGAL STATUS…by the same group that ENFORCE the ILLEGALITY …?? Has someone dropped ‘acid’ into the tea in Parliament?

I believe the term “gentrification” would be appropriate which dovetails with the goals outlined in an agenda known by the numbers 21 and 2030:

January 18, 2017: Well , it looks like the end of Camden is in sight…
How many of us have spent hours at the market and food stalls in
Camden ? Watched bands and great comedy shows then stared at all the
artistry on the buildings as you made you’re way to the tube ?
Well , it looks like the end of Camden is in sight .
The company redeveloping Camden Lock Village has announced its
‘vision’ for the canalside market’s new look. The plans involve a new
school, 170 new homes, only 14 of which will be affordable housing,
which in itself are unaffordable at 250 grand each . as well as shops
and market pitches for chain or corporate companies to replace all the
sole traders , plus 100,000 square feet of offices.
The project is being lead by Forbes list billionaire Teddy Sagi, who
has appointed Mace, the contractors behind the Shard, to oversee the
whole thing.
After the plans were announced the traders of Camden
Market’s middle yard were given some terrible news, with less than a
months’ notice, 56 people will be losing their businesses and 150 people
will be losing their jobs and livelihoods.


Martin Potter
These buildings must be considered safe in order for people to live in (minus sprinkler systems). Imagine the amount of damages the owner would need to pay out on something like this if it wasn’t safe. The sheep all expect these buildings to have sprinkler systems installed so when they are told there aren’t any there lies the blame. Suddenly somebody somewhere will be earning a lot of money installing sprinkler systems in buildings that don’t have any and improving various other safety standards. Find out where the money goes and sure as hell they are the ones driving this bullshit.

Otto Matic
yes, cui bono – who benefits?
from what i’ve seen, the hoaxes usually have 3 functions, short term agenda, long term agenda and money making.

Asif Patel
Yes – London’s Burning GRENFELL Episodes 1997

Shillers List

Peter Ormorod
Another media event to prop up the Grenfell narrative. It’s apparently due to ”internal machinery” not cladding.   GW: Think the Camden cladding has a non flammable interior?
83 residents refuse to leave Camden estate evacuated following Grenfell Fire

UNBELIEVABLE: Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. This is sick!!! Use & Share

Enchanted Life Path TV

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