”PEAKY SAKU” – real name Pippo Khalwa – the Zio BBC crisis actor Part Zwei

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)
Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Grenfell Peaky Saku Symbolic Rap Pippo Khalwa & Charter House £36.000 Freemason School link below

Shillers List
Published on Jun 22, 2017

So some Ladbroke Grove Bredrin went to a £30,000+ per year Public SKOOL and has made high production rap vids in CALIFORNIA (twice) with yachts and palm trees, whilst wearing the masonic pyramid and eye of Lucifer. Going under a fake name and JUST HAPPENED to be at the GRENFELL Condemned (2014) Tower Blaze at 8am that morning. The ZIONIST BBC JUST HAPPENED to interview him (twice). The FREEMASON Ritchie Allen Show JUST HAPPENED to interview him as well. JUST HAPPENS to have an ACTOR’S MASK as his channel background, with a devil in the face.

”Peaky Saku/Pippo Khalwa” has a super posh Herne Hill accent.

Weather Mafia (edited)
OMG… There’s that kid. Rich turd. Thank you for your work

Weather Mafia
Lol @ jewishion

Shillers List
If it was just a case of a rich kid, I wouldn’t mind. BUT this guy has lied to millions of people about that condemned Grenfell Tower. He’s part of the Zio masonic problem.
Cheers WM!

alchemy432 the fool card magician
Shillers List look on a you tube channel called Gridkeeper you will make the connection between the Ferris wheel and how they manipulate energy frequency using standing wave energy vortex....it’s all about energy and vibraton and keeping people in fear…

Ruby K
HIs ‘super posh’ accent, as you put it is evident all the way through. He gives himself away all over the place in different ways, the cadence, the vocab’ etc… I can spot the uber posh too, I was in the club. ‘Awfully’, ‘..hated it’, ‘shoddy’, etc… . Shillers List, if you haven’t already, please listen to the whole ‘interview’. He even states that his mum worked in Japan in finance….please. Nobody who lived their whole life in those tower blocks in Ladroke/Latimer would ever go to Japan to work in finance. His obsession with Japan, no, doubt, comes from living in Japan. Living in Japan is very expensive, He is probably fluent in Japanese as well as other languages. He was selected to act as a grime artist to represent and delude the stereotype of someone they think lives in that area. I watched his video from two years ago in California and the one he claims is for grenfell tower victims, All HD, all full of his fake posh gangster boys from Charterhouse, Eton, Marlborough, Harrow, Gordonstoun etc.… the list goes on. They love to take the piss and mock everyone and anyone who is not from there background and immense wealth.

P.S. If the demolition application was in place from 2014, was anyone in the actual building or, were there, as I suspect mostly underprivileged , mostly muslims in the building just burned to death for a disgusting trauma event for all the surrounding zios to watch like a live show, like they do in Palestine?

“Pippo Khalwa is a student whose potential became clear during semester 1, where his consistent application to his studies, whether on the theoretical, business, or creative side were evident through his 100% attendance record. During induction week we impress on students the primary importance of being not just physically present but actively prepared for work in the real world of employment. We also advise students that the opportunities that occasionally become available through music enterprises and jobs in general, never go to anyone who does not fit this criteria.” CWC Student Awards 2014

Shillers List
If it was just a case of a rich kid, I wouldn’t mind. BUT this guy has lied to millions of people about that condemned Grenfell Tower. He’s part of the Zio masonic problem.
Cheers WM!

Gina Vega
Have you seen The Evening Standard from today? http://imgur.com/a/EtCnp

Ruby K
Can anyone who actually lives in North Kensington verify that this guy Peaky, pippo, phillip saku, siki whatever, really lives in a tower block? I’d love to know who his real mum and dad are. I bet he is nowhere to be seen. Probably back in Tokyo ‘bruv’ innit.  If we do see him again in North Kensington, it will be on a closed set, in a gated Kensington and Chelsea community with the burnt Grenfell tower carcass in the background = or just pre-recorded. Making a mockery of the murdered dead again. Disgusting filth.

Shillers List
He could well live in the Chelsea end of Kensington in a 30 million pound house.

Ruby K
Thanks for replying Shillers List. YOU ARE DOING GREAT AND VITALLY IMPORTANT WORK. Keep going I look forward to all your videos now that I found you. Was looking out for Peekay22, but looks like they have shut him down again.

”Pippo Khalwa” sounds like another fake name and a possible mocking anagram IMO.

Also, Pippo is short of Filippo (Italian), Greek Philippos, which means “lover of horses”. Only nobles were allowed to have and ride horses, so name Philippos was only given to nobles. List of kings that wore variants of this name is extensive, to say at least. Now, this “Peaky Saku'” was wearing Trapstar t-shirt while giving his initial “I’m not f’ing with the government” interview. You have already connected Grenfell tower fire with “Dark Tower” upcoming movie on you Spudgy Pang channel. Now check how Trapstar logo fits that movie’s poster. When you visit their web site, it says “DROPPING SOON” right on the logo. Lo and behold, tower is going to drop soon. Their logo looks to me like a sword, so there is a FLAMING SWORD (dropped on grenfell tower), with all it’s Biblical references. I’m yet to read up on “flaming sword of lucifer”, might be interesting. Now this Pippo/Philippos “Lover of horses” reminded me of another Trapstar t-shirt print art, depicting Greek goddess Nike. I don’t want this to be classified as spam for leaving a link, so i’ll leave them in another comment, so check spam if it ends up there.

Trapstar Nike: https://www.instagram.com/p/c66qnKMViy/ I’ve read pretty convincing science essay claiming Nike=Isis, can’t confirm 100%.
Trapstar Grenfell tower tribute facepalm mockery: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVfN2GcBpvP/
Not to mention all Greenfell event “witnesses” are wearing Adidas and Trapstar is part of Puma. Those 2 brands were founded by two brothers, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. Many more connections through branding, but I think it’s enough for now.

GW:  The ”Script Writers” deliberately gave the name ”Peaky” to their actor because of UTuber ”Peekay22” who is such a thorn in their sides

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