Refugee reality: Germany admits 75% face long-term unemployment and life on benefits

Ben Lennox
Tell this to the Milliband brothers. Ed Milliband had his brother David talking about how Britain needs to take in more immigrants while speaking on the Jeremy Vine show today. Before we accept more immigrants let’s sort out our housing problem, our schools and education problem, our border control problem, our N.H.S. and hospital problem, and our infrastructure problem. Only when ALL of these are resolved should we consider taking in more immigrants.

Besides Germany, these dreadful unemployment statistics are also replicated in other European countries where economic migrants have flooded into, such as Sweden, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, etc.

Many people earlier tried to expose the leftist fabrication of misleading lies and propaganda on this issue, but now the FACTS are finally being revealed, simply because the weight of evidence can’t be hidden anymore.

However, it’s probably now too late to rectify the social and economic consequences as the damage is already done, and will only get worse; especially as each affected nation’s own demographic changes in favour of the migrants.

First comes the Balkanisation as various ethnic migrant groups carve out their own territories of habitation, which areas become hostile no-go zones to others not having the same ethnic or religious affiliation.

Next comes the Ghettoisation as industry and jobs are pulled out from areas where people are afraid to work or live. This development can readily be seen in parts of Sweden, Belgium, Germany and France, where even the police are reluctant to go, unless in large number.

Such areas eventually become governed by criminal gangs or other controlling influences, such as Moslem Sharia law.  Some very serious problems have already surfaced, as the domestic cohesion of former generally homogeneous societies disintegrate throughout Europe.

This societal breakdown and the fallout effects from it will increasingly become much worse, especially as the pool of unemployed and unemployable low skilled labour increases.

You are never importing just the human being- you are importing the culture and a racial history. In the case of the current wave of migration, it is a culture of indolence, dog-eat-dog survival, lawlessness, and intolerance. These people aren’t looking for a chance to contribute and integrate into a new society, they are parasitic- looking for host that will provide for them indefinitely so they can regrow their native society until it overwhelms the host.

You have- in actuality- imported the certain and absolute destruction of your culture and your society.


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