Is the Government really providing luxury Kensington flats for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster?

Ben Chu

  • What are these homes?
  • Would they have been built anyway?
  • Is St Edward taking a financial hit?
  • Why is the City of London Corporation involved?
  • Is this fake news?
  • ”The site is being developed by St Edward, a joint venture between the housebuilder Berkeley Group and the financial services firm Prudential.

    The Communities department said the flats will be purchased and managed by the City of London Corporation – the ancient and wealthy municipal institution that runs the City of London.”

    Tom Callaghan
    These 68 flats have been bought and paid for by national and local government. Given the shortage of affordable housing, and the need for social housing, is it too much to expect that these flats remain in the public domain, so that as tenants leave or die, those in need have the opportunity to live there. I suspect one of the problems in London housing was allowing people to buy public properties at a reduced rate, and after subsidies by the local council, thereby taking social housing out of the market.

    They never were providing ‘luxury accommodation’ to the survivors, only some survivors. Those who owned privately in Grenfell Tower are excluded from this particualr jackpot win.

    The rest get an all expenses paid free ride for life in a prime location.

    Of course, if they prefer, they can continue to claim benefits while subletting illegally, thereby bringing in another £20k undeclared per annum.

    Certainly doesn’t pay to work, does it.

    The problem is it isn’t the truth is it. She could have said we gave £2m to get these social houses ready sooner but she didn’t she made out she had allocated luxury flats in an exclusive development. Tory spin and lies as usual but they are being exposed more and more now.

    It is a sad fact that many of these flats will go to people that were never anywhere near the fire. Tenants who sublet (as is commonplace in these tower blocks) will get the benefit while their illegal sub-lettees, who did experience the fire, will be on the streets.

    New build social housing will go to social tenants. They are means tested. Illegal lets in once publicly owned property will probably have occurred because of a right to buy. One of Thatcher’s flag ship failures.

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