I lived in Switzerland and I worked for billionaires. They are all very very cold, sincerely they have no hearts anymore.

Worse, they all destroy their own kids, in many ways. I could not believe it. I have seen how sad all those rich kids are. Yes they get everything to be able to compete with the other rich kids, but that’s all there is.  A parking lot of a private school looks like a scene in a rap video. But you meet those kids, they are all destroyed.

What I learned is that the rich fear love, dependency on someone, trust etc.

They destroy love and humor around them. Because you can’t control it.

Once I have seen how the rich destroy their children, I could imagine all the pedophilia, all the brutal power hunger in this world.

27:08 I agree, making money is not ‘their’ goal. It’s a means to an end. They want absolute power and the monetary system is just one of the tools to get it. Other tools are schooling, mass media, psychology, medicine, Hollywood, Music Industry, mass sports events, electromagnetic radiation in combination with heavy metals in the sky, fluoride in the drinking water, high carb diets, etc etc…

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