What do you all think will replace the Tower Block?

Simon Sykes
VIEWER POLL: What do you all think will replace the Tower Block? …
A) More affordable housing.
B) New homes for rich people.
C) Memorial Garden.

Curiouser & Curiouser (edited)
If the cladding around that flat was so flammable, why didn’t the whole block of flats go up? If I wrapped a rizla around a brick and set light to it, I can guess all the rizla will set alight? The bottom on the flats seems fine? yet the cladding all around the building was very flammable? Check out his videos 89chox (chox noris). The fire goes straight upwards? not to the side or bottom, but in a straight line up! Also how come the council signed a demolition order for that block of flats in 2014? Also why wasn’t that cladding signed off for safety reasons? I smell zion! Also why was there a dread lock rich kid giving interviews as if he lived there? He went to a private school? Also how come a lady dj was giving interviews as if she lived there with her record deal?? How come lilly Allen is down there pretending she’s not an elite or from an elite Family, same with Adele? All getting their free publicity! How come when you have lost all you own in a fire do you come out talking politics? Like as if Labour or The Tories would be any concern to them right now? I smells a rat…………..

Agreed, there are far too many anomalies surrounding this fire for them to just be simply ignored. The latest video by Annie Logical uncovers how the insurance policy on Grenfell Tower was just recently changed to include ”casualty insurance” … conveniently. Too “conveniently” !!

Neil (edited)
i was there this morning and i cud see the police so relaxed and smiling it was clear they have nothing to fear from the protesters, sometimes i can’t help feeling the tide is turning – brown shirt style – and the saul alinsky tactics has finally pissed every one off and the night of the long withdrawing of benefits/knives could be around the corner, i wud say, globally.

7:16 – What a lucky shot of the Queen of Australia and Prince of Wales. Yes, Australia, I’m claiming her. She’s our Queen too, 😛 Although we have a dominance of Marxists in government, academia (especially teaching children) and the media who all push for republicanism because the constitutional monarchy we’re under provides checks and balances against totalitarianism – there’s literally no downside to it, which every first year law student learns but all high school students are kept from understanding that a republic will cost us billions per year for the first century and remove ALL checks and balances against dictatorships – which is why the lefties want it so badly of course.

has anyone noticed the new labour councilor coad was on the board of ken and chelsea tmo who looked after grenfell and also worked for the fire brigade in ken and chelsea and as much as fire people are heroes in saving lives they are also the very same people who check the building over on a regular basis to give the building a fire safety cert. so they want may’s head but closer to home their labour heroes are the ones with blood on their hands. but in truth this is turning into anti white christian agenda zionist style, my enemies enemy is my friend kinda thing.

Great observations. The devil’s in the details.

GW:  Literally – in fact the Devil wrote the Script!

Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Day Of Rage protestors had two aims. Their first aim was to talk shite. Their second aim was to get home for tea.

GW:  John McDonnell should be ashamed of himself.

assault and battery
The English people need to wake up to the pretend queen. The person masquerading as the ‘queen’, is about 6 inches shorter, and does not speak about anything. Just a scripted sentence, then whoosh, whisked away. Wearing hats and outfits chosen by others…..Hmmm..

Cultural Marxism is a mental disorder – this lot should go too a better country if they don’t like UK.

GW: All should be treated equally so the Ethnic British homeless should now be housed as well.

wickedsick79 ago
Thanks for doing the subtitles, i´m german, that helps me looking up for words i don´t understand at first

have been in london 20 years ago with the german boyscouts, we visited the baden powel house and all the tourist attractions, i remember that me and some of my friends been ashamed acting like tourists all the time
It is weird to see the protesters and the tourists in rotation, same sitiuation in berlin at the Reichstag Aw Bless.

swilliamism, Ms. May’s speciality shutting down Parliament ? Absolutely …! Yet was the Parliament actually opened? Since Queenie didn’t wear her Queen helmet. She wore the EU hat, blue with yellow centred flowers.

GW: It is possible that we have lost our Parliament and it is being slowly replaced with Government from Brussels. The next thing HofC refurbished and turned into an hotel?

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