Day Of Rage Part ii

nice say on Tommy Robinson.. not much gets by you once you see it..

the best way to describe the UK/US (commonwealth nations). is that it is a ship (corporation) the establishment are the crew officials and the voters are its rowers.. the rowers that play up end up getting put in the holding cell (jail time) and the non-voters are the rats scurrying around on their ship getting exterminated where they can get them

I’m the man going around this corporate ship looking to take those worthy enough off of that ship and sail our own righteous ship instead

this righteous ship (to which the lord will give us) will sail with our Lord god watching over us and policing ourselves as we should in his eyes (today’s writings are not originals but they do still contain some top notch commandments that i hands down before the Lord agree with)

not only policing from within the ship.. but from outside vessels looking to sink our ship or even capture it

however instead of it being called a ship… it’ll be a kingdom on the land surrounded by nations (other vessels)

steve d
Just some observations…

Gren: Etymology
From Old Norse _grein_ (“branch”). Noun gren c (singular definite grenen, plural indefinite grene) branch twig , spray (small branch) bough prong

Fell: to cut down (eg: fell a tree)

Fell: a barren mountain or hill

The fire started just after midnight on the 14th Of June, precisely one week before the solstice, which also.happened to be the day of the March and gathering outside parliament….

Add to this Joyce Grenfell who was not that enamoured with certain members of ”the tribe”

note the queen not wearing the crown to open parliament, she most certainly accepted ‘mediatisation’ and dumped the british people, she is in breach of her solem coronation oath to the sovereign people of this country. so she is no longer a legitamate ‘queen’.

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