Boris Johnson has embarrassing on-air meltdown in car crash Queen’s Speech interview

NLAT: I thought this was a spoof at first. But it is not.

Eddie Mair really is Fat Boris’s nemesis. I bet he’ll never agree to a Mair interview again.

I listened to this interview live on my way home from work. This about sums up the present conservative fantasy party. They have a few lucid characters who have vision and clarity, but he’s never impressed as one of them. If he becomes the leader it will be a disaster.

Our real problems are not going to be addressed during brexit negotiations and the decline for most of our people will cut deeper. This tribal bunch of toffs do not care about the people, just their own class.  Goodbye Boris is was unpleasantly entertaining while it lasted, but time to retire into luxury.

James Sutehall @ NLAT: The idiot doesn’t have one brain cell, he was an awful mayor of London – in fact he is just awful in general. He looks like he’s on crack all the time,

I think using the phrase “burning injustices” so soon after Grenfell is probably the most tactless thing that has come out of Boris’ mouth.

GW: Basically this bloke is clever but extremely lazy so he only got a Second @ Oxford. He seems totally bored by the detail required to be mastered in order to really be an effective politician so he should just F Off back to the private sector and re-establish his literary career. His extreme ”oikness” is also a huge disadvantage when trying to excel in public life.  He is just not suited for it at all.

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