Thousands may be forced to flee homes as seven towers test positive for ‘combustible’ cladding

Karl Gerhardt Hohenstauffen
Wonderful news. This means quite a few jobs to remove flammable cladding and to install sprinklers everywhere. As the Chinese say, “where there is danger there is opportunity.” We need to think big. Think about the age of the housing stock across UK. If housing is not fit for purpose, replacing bad housing stock using proper planning development could revitalize the whole economy.

True dump Trident, Buckingham Palace repairs, and the pointless “high speed” railway and spend the money on real infrastructure that is desperately needed.

Well, one thing is for dead sure — NONE of the Newspapers who are acting so shocked (and blaming anyone the y feel will sell one more newspaper right now) gave a toss for the subject a week ago. The only paper in the UK that mentions anything like this, and by the way, researches it and comments on it, is Private Eye! Shame on the rest of them

Apart from anything else….there’s a really good opportunty for some one to invent a window escape slide ….
….something like a steel hosier with attachment-hand-clamps that allow a person to slide down a wire at a controlled rate…
Anyone ?….. National Contest ?

Simon Smith
It is very rare to see anyone in the public sector ever being held responsible for anything that they do. Their only purpose in life is to tax the rest of us at penal levels then award themselves massive salaries and pensions while taking no responsibility for anything.

Kent Council spends 7500 on gold chain.

GW: Or spend tax payer money on ridiculous Mayoral Neckchains.
Town council blows £4,000 of tax payer money on Roman-style gold chains

Room 2001
Regulations and inspections need to be fit for purpose. If ‘red tape’ is cut – it is for those cutting the red tape to prove and test new regulations are safe and fit for purpose. Why wasn’t this cladding tested before? Just one standard test on introduction to uk to save 70 plus lives and all the future additional expense and that test paid for by manufacturer. Was that single test and a database of materials fit for use in buildings too much ‘red tape’ and expense for UK gov? How many years has this been going on (to counter the politicking going on) ?

Uk public were aghast at 70 plus fatalities in one tower block. Now UK gov is saying they are that incompetent that they have 600 tower blocks affected – how many other businesses, hospitals, hotels are affected ?

Is it safe to stay in a modern hotel now? The Grenfell inquiry needs to be 100% independent of government interference, it needs to be really fast, lead to a major overhaul fire safety but also regulation and inspection in general. Grenfell is a devastating loss of life – how many other areas are risky or lacking effective regulation.

How can compartmentalisation and stay put be allowed as the only means of ‘evacuation’ from high tower blocks?  Grenfell happened, Twin towers happened … It’s not a one off event to need to evacuate a tower block fast.

I read somewhere that the Grenfell Tower fire was caused by a faulty refrigerator sited close or next to the window. If this was the case, the combustible cladding would have caught fire from the burning refrigerator. The immediate action to be taken is to advise tenants in tower blocks with the same cladding to move their fridge away from the windows and issue each flat with a fire extinguisher.

If they all turned on their taps and flooded the building it may have helped, in spite of the electrical risks (wear shoes to help avoid shock) – better than just waiting for flames

When 600 people live in a tower block and we have 6,000 immigrants (net) EVERY WEEK this means we need to build 10 tower blocks EVERY WEEK to provide accommodation.

And put in new windows when then need them £10m. The tax payer funds ALL THESE COSTS.

As an aside, the tax payer has never funded me to refurbish my home.

Then with rents at £2,000/month these “poor” people obviously have the state pay their rents too (and health and education)

Perhaps this gives clue why all services are in crisis?

They seem to work in other countries funny that isn’t it. It is down to the people you put in them & how they are supervised. That is the trouble it costs to much to supervise these places so no one ever does & they degenerate.

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