Kensington Council chief Nicholas Holgate QUITS after Theresa May criticises Grenfell Tower fire response
Who was the man in flat 16...was that the only private flat in this council block and where is he now?

Maryam Adam who lives in Flat 14 says the man who woke her was a tall white British man..whose bags were packed and in the hallway – .well the man they are showing on TV is certainly not a tall white man.

Behailu Kebede was the tenant – so who was the owner and why are the Police ignoring what Maryam said?

As usual so many unanswered questions.

The Saint
Nice speech Mrs May – now what about the British soldiers & indigenous homeless that you all choose to ignore – is that because you do not see any votes in that – or am I being too cynical?

GW: Who he? Why not the ones who were ”in the frame” so to speak????  It’s all very fishy.

You reap what you sow, of course. As for sub-letting, we can only hope that the council do their job properly this time, and regularly check the leasees are the beneficiaries of our largesse. They shouldn’t be colluding with fraudsters by allowing social housing to be used as a business opportunity.

Ok do this but as a temporary measure only then move them out or evict them when alternative accomodation becomes available. It used to be that councils had to offer three choices maybe it still is. After the third being rejected out them. Also keep a very close eye on sub letting. At the moment various agencies are bending over backwards to help these people and rightly so but there must be a limit.
Also am I the only one (cynic that I am) that there is more to this than meets the eye?

The Home Office and police have made a promise of amnesty to illegal migrants who resided in the Grenfell Tower if they come forward to police. Many residents may also be given luxury flats – whilst 7,000 UK veterans remain homeless.

Wait till they get the dumped mattresses and other disgusting rat encouraging rubbish placed outside these homes, children running riot, the drug dealers visits.
Welcome to our world.

The immigrants and travellers won’t pay the council to collect their junk and dump it all on the street. NORMAL people, like the ones commenting on here, take their old mattresses and stuff to the council tip or pay the council to collect it. How can you not know that?

I completely sympathise with the residents – but let them really see what it is like. The residents in wealthy parts of London have been sheltered from the reality for far too long. When you are tramping through human waste in elevators and the street constantly smells of bleach from trying to clean up after the mess then they might stop being so damned luvvie about it all. Property prices won’t fall…they will be decimated. Welcome to the real world that the rest of us have been enduring.

Third world living brings different class of people and the council does nothing to tell them to fit in.

Giant Public Education System is now needed.

From what Mr.Khan, The Mayor, said yesterday it appears that most of the tenants in the Grenfell Tower are illegal immigrants awaiting the decision on their cases.

Abuse of social housing in Grenfell subletting and claiming benefits why is that being tolerated and now some of them rehoused, and genuine UK citizens in the same social housing block are being treated the same as these illegals

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