Downing Street in chaos as yet another of Theresa May’s top aides John Godfrey quits his job

CK Wunch Manifesto
She needs a miracle and she needs one fast. Heres a sensible policy, tell the eu bye bye, deploy the army to relieve the exhausted cops, get the numbers needed, recruit that many new cops. Find out how much school food costs, do a deal with uk farmers/ local companies to supply it. Get in the nhs and audit it, have tesco provide the cheap stuff to docs to sell. 12 paracetomol tesco 12p 12 paracetemol prescription £7. Streamline the nhs strip it of waste, and pump that money into its front line, fine people for wasting time and services and introduce mandatory nhs travel medical on all uk visa applications, and all uk visitors. Totally decimate hate groups, raid at 4am even if they post lame support. And build a prison ship for enemies of the state and park it permanently in the artic circle.

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