Russia Taking Over Middle East – Protecting Israel

Brendon O’Connell

Shab Al-Mutawa
Critical point and you are correct. This is not an opinion anymore, it’s fact once you understand their Jewish mysticism and ways. Absolutely everything originates from it.They are ALL in on it and the joke is on us peasants. There are no sovereign countries, period. It’s an exclusive Jewish/Zionist/Freemason gang that has a choke hold on this planet since so long ago. Once you break through to this fact things become crystal clear.

Jim Shaul
Dragan Cugalj the Jewish Holocaust is as fake as can be. but the Christian Holocaust is real. that was happening from the end WW1 until the fall of the Soviet Union. Jews are the cause of communism. look into all of the Rothschild’s have funded the both sides of every major war from the American revolution to WW2. the Rothschild’s are the top of the JWO. they own over 90% of Israel. no one is allowed to buy land in Israel.

Nicholas Philip
Nice one O’connell but stop dissing us POHMS, you Aussie cunt! Come over here, we are right next to Ireland and Scotland and Wales and France and there’s plenty of cold beer here. Bitter isn’t warm! It just isn’t cold!

Mauri T4
Dear Brendon. You look normal, hope you really are. Just base your conspiracy theory in proven facts and not in impressions !I am an Israeli and I can tell you that Israel is a country of immigration and that maybe 25% of its population is of russian descendency (95% jews and 5% non jews) therefore the probability of having russian descendants in the hi-tech industry is 25% and maybe 30% since russians (jewish) tend to continue their academic studies more than the average population. All russians in Israel speak hebrew although it is normal to speak their native language inside their families or with friends (as well as other immigrants do with english, german, hungarian, spanish and other languages)I can also tell you that most russians in Israel do “not symphatize with their old homeland” neither with Putin.I am of Argentinian descendency and very ofen have to speak spanish at work and with customers including in the US. There may be decens of thousands of people like me in Israel. It doesn’t mean that Argentina has conquered Israel and is secretely dominating it.So when US gives something to Israel it is giving it to Israel and not to Russia. I want to tell you since appearently you don’t know, that there is reciprocity ion the relationship US-Israel and Israel sends also lots of extremely important things to US (intel. information & technology) and it is Israel and not Russia doing that.Regarding the F35 Israel is mounting its own technology inside the plane (not american neither russian :)

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