TeasMaid believes recent attacks have strengthened case for her widely-criticised plans to regulate the online world


Steven Ian
Theresa say’s attack justify’s her plans to crackdown on internet use!
There can never be justification for terrorism Theresa, and i find your proposals terrifying, espescially as i don’t trust you or anyone in Westminster as far as i could not throw you.
I object to being forced to having my internet security removed by someone i think is a complete psycho!!

people have to keep saying what they think time for you to go your a god freak and hate indiidual freedoms m/s May

she just wants to control the internet because her right wing press are moaning that no one is listening to them and if she controls the internet the newspapers can go on printing the same old s***t

racial hatred was one of the things tapped into by the ukip and brexit campaign,

Steven Ian
Theresa, you are creating a hostile environment, you already proposed this a few weeks ago and you angered absolutely everyone.
Do you not recognise that you are employed by the people.
You proposed that they let you hack in to their computers and they in no uncertain terms told you where to go.
Now leave it, if you carry on then you are a acting like a tyrannical dictator going against the will of the people.
The people know that the government have been looking to take ownership of the internet for a longtime. They also know that our government are heartless uncaring greedy and selfish desperado’s.
Please stop trying to use good causes to impliment your draconian measures for your own self benefit’s.
The biggest terrorists in the world for crying out loud is those in the institution of Westminster, and they have been for hundreds of years.
Therefor please stop tackling terrorism and let people that are not themselves terrorists tackle terrorism.
Bye now

I’m almost coming to admire the sheer shamelessness of this rotten old bag. She’s dead in the water, she knows it, yet carries on like nothing has happened.

Mark P-I
How about cracking down on hatred inducing & racist articles in the Conservative supporting press?

Does it b*ll*cks! She’s been trying to implement this for years & using a man with a van (no internet required) as an excuse is beyond pathetic.


More regulation of the individual less regulation of business.
Without exception that has been the mantra of successive governments since the 1980s

“Theresa May has said the Finsbury Park mosque attack justifies her plan to impose a raft of regulations on the internet.”

Well she would, wouldn’t she.

Actually, every month 322 Christians are killed because of their faith.


If you’re going to troll webpages spouting alt-right BS at least make it look like you’re engaging with the article

A step closer to her dream of fascist dictatorship

I am against any kind of terror. Today a single man was dead after an attack. This was stated in some headlines, although it was later mentioned, he may not have died due to the attack.

This causes me to ask further questions: When will those hundred-thousands (!!) of prosecuted Christians in Islam countries ever be mentioned in the head-lines?

Hundreds have been slaughtered, hundred-thousands deprived of their human rights, millions forced to leave their country of origin – due to the fact, that they are Christians.

Is this fair news?

British newspapers tend to report what happens in Britain.

Indeed, but since Muslims are persecuted in various countries around the World, and are being murdered daily in Burma, where is the news about that? There is also the thought, which right wingers rarely have, why are Christians and Jews now unwelcome, despite many having lived there for generations, now? Could it be that our interference in Iran that finally led to the revolution and the installation of a fanatical govt has left a bad taste in Iranians mouths? Could it be that ISIS, a bunch of fanatics, who are funded by one of our ‘top’ allies, Saudi, are the result of our interference in Iraq? Should we be surprised at persecution of Christians in countries where Saudi are the main influence, and are themselves fanatics, yet we give them the nod to do whatever they like? If you are unhappy at the persecution of Christians (and I am, it’s a disgrace no matter who is persecuted or doing the persecuting) then perhaps a dip into the history books and an understanding of geopolitics would be more helpful than repeating ‘information’ from right wing websites sponsored by the religious right in the USA, and that have been shown to have printed falsehoods, would help? In future before complaining about Islamic persecution, perhaps a letter to Mrs May and her govt, would be better advised? That way you could you make it clear how you feel about state sponsored persecution all over the middle East by one country, and a country that our govt fawns all over? Good luck with that btw..

Tories are dangerous.

‘Ain’t that the truth!

So the government will read your emails while allowing the press to print lies and fuel racism, great.

The internet crackdown should cover the following as well as the obvious targets.

* Anti Saudi racism.
* Anti corporate propaganda.
* Pro trade union and pro nationalisation viewpoints.
* Anti GMO lies.
* Opposition to trade deals.
* ASLEF & The RMT and their members.
* Corbynism and Momentum.
* Trump.

Hrothgir ? D?mhnaill
I do enjoy satire.

Steven Ian
David Cameron already tried that one at an EU conference when he tried to say that David Icke supporters were terrorists

Hook, line and sinker May.

Not going to let it change us eh May?

These evil cretins have triumphed with another alteration to our freedoms. Are you now going to use this pretence to clamp down on criticism of ministers. After all, you’ve shut one enquiry down (Leveson). Shut the rest of us down now.

The folly of May. She came, she saw, she cut the police budget and we’re all going to pay now.

The right way forward for the UK is not through more government control, repression and censorship of free speech and personal communications, but through education, enlightenment and, perhaps most importantly (as Brexit has proven) governments actually taking heed of the people’s views on vital social issues, particularly immigration, islam, and social inequality.

They already do – on immigration and Islam. Why do you think the Tory press spend so much time stirring up hate about those two issues? Who do you think stirred up anti immigrant feelings in the first place? We had (mercifully), according to the figures, according to studies of peoples views, seen a steep decline in the racism that blights our society in the 90’s – early noughties, but after the 2001 election, at which the Conservatives put ‘bogus asylum seekers’ and by association, ‘immigration’ firmly back on the agenda, things have gone from bad to worse. Hate simply breeds hate, and politicans know that and win votes off it.

Her party’s lies, slander and misinformation are countered and challenged on-line on social media. The conservatives do not want that – they want the same control they have with the newspapers and bbc. This must be stopped as it is a direct assault, once again, on our civil liberties. What a disgusting party they are …. truly hideous.

The woman is an idiot.

The one simply does not follow the other except in the mind of an idiot.

Madam Mao just wants to control things.

“Theresa May has said the Finsbury Park mosque attack justifies her plan to impose a raft of regulations on the internet.”

Wow, that’s… convoluted. Perhaps we also ought to ban people sending vans into areas with large ethnic minority communities urging immigrants to go home. Just a thought.

One simple thing that doesn’t need to control global access to information. Every time the mail, sun or express print hate speech, fine them 10% of their market value (enough to really hurt). Ten days later these extremist radicalisers will cease to exist. Simples.

PM said “terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms, and our determination to tackle them must be the same, whoever is responsible”.

Hurrah! Bye bye Daily Mail.

Who is tolerant of terrorism? People we disagree with about how it should be dealt with? Shouldn’t we all show each other a bit more respect?

Paine Russell Orwell
She’s just trying to fulfill her promise to husbands hedge fund which is heavily invested in G4S ! And it that company in line for the government contracts !

What is the point of banning extremist and hateful material from the internet when its pedalled via the right wing press in every newsagent, corner shop, supermarket and garage forecourt across the land?

Darren Barratt
Because the papers do her right wing bidding.

The fascist instincts of the neo nasty reich exposed for all to see. There is no reason to attack our right to access information online, but these cockroaches have realised that while they control the mainstream sewer they do not control the truth that is all over the internet. If Mayhem actually wanted to fight terror she could
1. Stop committing war crimes around the Islamic world
2. Stop supporting Daesh in Syria
3. Stop arming the terrorist Saudi state
4. Stop giving Libyan terrorists free access to the UK
5. Stop protecting wahabi hate preachers in the UK
6. Reverse the cuts she made to frontline policing

One person’s “hateful ideology” is someone else’s “Patriotic Speech”.

May would love to censor the internet. With a friendly press the Tories could hide many things that would embarrass them.

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