Grenfell Tower: just ten pounds each for broken and exhausted victims

I Am Incorrigible

Published on Jun 19, 2017
The Andrew Marr Show & Peston on Sunday 18 June 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a result of receiving a “copyright strike” this channel will be going on hiatus shortly. If a channel receives three such strikes it is automatically deleted by YouTube. The primary purpose of my YouTube channels is the preservation of a record of historical events as reported at the time and the receipt of a copyright strike imperils that goal.

As a result, in the coming weeks, new uploads will cease on this channel and resume on “Still Incorrigible”. Future videos will contain more info as it becomes available.

kl wies
Google is trying to censor and not let this kind of news to be uploaded to youtube. They already did so taking away advertising revenues for US youtube channels And apparently they are now trying to use copyright strikes to channels like this one.

Live Life
Exactly as I thought, public donations are not getting through to the victims so where’s the effing money? It better not get syphoned off into somebody’s back pocket.

david knight
Live Life ,,, it’s obvious that will be happening,

IslandForestPlains (edited)
Please get the survivors together and COUNT THE LIVING, checking up what everyone knows about who used to live in which flat in the house – with special regard to children and eventual visitors. This is what is normal procedure in case of an evacuation of a burning building. Why did it not happen here. Are the rumours true that the number of dead is MUCH higher, and from the very top this is to be concealed from the public? This would actually explain why the authorities in charge do everything to keep the people apart, with no money for instance to buy phones so they can keep in touch with each other, distributing them to different hotels and moving them to a new place every day – and use the halls where many people sleep for those who were evacuated from the surrounding smaller houses. Just to quash those rumours that the number of dead are in reality some hundred people and only a tiny fraction did survive, the survivors should get together and establish who SHOULD be there and tick the box if they know this person made it, thus establishing their own list about who is missing, and the public should get to know how many survivors there are and how many are missing according to the survivors’ list. Else we might have the situation that only those dead will be counted where some relatives or friends have either proof that they perished, or people are actively asking about them. If the surviving victims are kept apart, they will not know whom they SHOULD miss, as their neighbour who they have not seen since the catastrophe could be in some other hotel.

Reality Is Just a Dream
again Government Mouthpiece making sure that they close down questions ( Helicopter can’t get close due to heat of the Fire) how the he’ll does he know. my uncle was posted to Cyprus with the Raf and part of there job was to fly helicopter over forest fires and dump water on them. so if they cannot that why couldn’t they do that at Grenfell? we are protesting on the 1st of July 2017 at 12 midday our protest in Merseyside is out side BBC Merseyside on Hanover Street. please let’s all show our support.

tom o’conner
Hammond talking rubbish yet again, all council’s should have an action plan to cover a disaster and put in place a disaster co-ordinator to implement and oversee all help to those affected, so all these excuses made by Kensington council chief are bullshit!

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