Emergency taskforce takes over Grenfell Tower relief operation as fury at ‘chaotic’ Kensington Council rages on


Lily Zotou
Does *anybody* have a confirmed report of the number of known survivors? I have seen nothing of this nature, and have been wondering why. I am increasingly of the opinion that this tragedy is far worse than we are being led to believe.

chairman bill
Terrorist attack = Immediately bring troops on to the streets to cover for sacked police officers.

A disaster affecting poor people = Do sod all.

Welcome to Tory Britain.

Harry 66
Red Cross – in charge? Seriously? I am worried… We went on Saturday with £1500 cash we had raised locally to try and handout to genuine victims at the Westway centre. The Red Cross team refused to allow us to distribute the cash – citing various ridiculously nonsense reasons why we could not. Luckily we managed to quietly chat to some of the victims who were staying there and those who were visiting the centre (to collect supplies) and discretely distribute the cash to a number of families. Red Cross claimed the residents were getting all the help the needed – not at all the impression we got talking to the families. Some of them were struggling for the bus fare to come to the centre to collect supplies – from their hotel. Some needed cash to buy food because it was impractical for them to bring the whole family with small children to the feeding centres 3 times a day. The hotels do not have fridges etc so they cannot even store fresh food or milk etc. Not sure how these people where ‘getting all the help they need’.
Some of the Red Cross were helping the residents on a human level, showing compassion and empathy – but some just came across as jobs worth taking themselves far too seriously. One older RC guy I saw just seemed to be wandering around just drinking coffees and eating the free food. We were there for 6 hours in the centre and I did not see him do anything practical or helpful during that whole period.


It comes after Mr Paget-Brown met the Prime Minister and Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, on Friday.

Now where have we met Sajid Javid before, ah yes, Sajid JavidSajid Javid is responsible for the anti-Red Tape initiative

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/16/government-ministers-congratulated-themselves-for-cutting-fire-regulations-6713967/#ixzz4kQCMlBA4

The Tories are completely incompetent when it comes to actually caring looking after everyday people. But when it comes about figuring out how to exploit poor people so they can turn a profit for their rich oik mates then they are supremely competent. The Tory party….for the few not the many….

Oh, Labour definitely knows how to help poor people. Just ask those 1500 girls under the age of 16 in Labour-run Rotherham. exploit poor people? you bet….

Councils operate to strict procedures and follow their own rules like robots their is little or no flexibility or desire to rock the boat. That is the nature of council management. I would have been genuinely surprised if the council took any action on day one. The council management would have spent the first day looking at the rules and costs. Why are people surprised.

The TMO was set up and financed by RBKC too. RBKC HAD NO DISASTER PLAN (legally required). The lazy, supine, Tory RBKC allowed illegal cladding to go onto Grenfell Tower. Where was their due diligence about what was happening with their social housing property??

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