UK Column News 19th June 2017 #Grenfell Tower Victims More than We Are Told

  • Red Cross takes over Grenfell: Shambolic aid effort laid bare as families are handed just £10 a day to live on How is it that the ToriCons can’t cope with Grenfell Tower Event when they are quite happy to wade in overseas?
  • Food Water & Food was being donated by the good British people – why is TeasMaid talking about giving money to buy these things?  doesn’t she KNOW anything?
  • Brian Gerrish – ”Isn’t it interesting that there is STILL no debate in Westminster.”
  • TeasMaid said the ”victims” would get a 500 Pds cash payment and 5000 Pds via a bank transfer from Dept of Pensions.  Many may not have a bank account.
  • THE LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE OF THE CLADDING FIRM COUPLE: BOSS WHO SOLD MATERIALS WHICH COVERED DEADLY TOWER BLOCK LIVES … – shifting the blame away from the ToriCon KCC which has built up a ”Reserve Fund” of 274 Million.  Why does the Central Gov have to put in 5 Million then?
  • There were warnings sent to UK Column about Sheffield CC installing similar cladding going back to 2012 – particularly the Hanover/Landsdowne Properties.
  • South Yorks Fire & Rescue stated that ”The Fire Risk Assessment is completed by the Responsible Person at the premises” – well and whom might that be?  someone on the SCC TMO perhaps?
  • Vanessa Beeley – Syria Campaign & White Helmets try to make political capital out of the Grenfell Tower Event.
  • Desperate Letter To The Public From Political Prisoner Melanie Shaw put in there by TeasMaid when she was Home Secretary
  • No armed police turned up to Finsbury Park Mosque Event and those who arrived did so in plain clothes.  Funny the armed police in full uniform were ”all over it” at London Bridge Event however.???????
  • NATO/EUSSR defence pact verbalised = the EU Military replacing UK Military.  EUSSR armed forces are planned to be brought to UK to control ”situations”
  • The Great Repeal Bill is actually about integrating EU Law with British Law and BREXIT is being used to by-pass normal parliamentary procedures.

George Greek Trucker

Reality Is Just a Dream
Finsbury attack is a side opp to take the attention off Grenfall Tower. there is a national protest on the 1/07/17 to end this Government I am from Merseyside please people let’s show the residents of Grenfell we stand with them 12 O clock outside BBC Merseyside on Hanover Street,Liverpool as the BBC are the mouthpiece of the government

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