Grenfell Tower Fire Another False Flag Production!?! Did The Elites Try Another Sacrifice!?!

Justincredible Things

We have lots of eyes & ears and we have to look out for each other you’ll.

Published on Jun 14, 2017
The Grenfell Tower London is a blaze from top to bottom! Once again we have some things that don’t add up right. From people being told to go back inside, no fire alarm, a renovation that did nothing but make it more flammable! Not to mention the fact it reminds some of us of 9/11. Things just don’t feel right! Fake news is eating it up as usual… pushing their agenda like a scene from the movie V for Vendetta… Lately London looks like a warzone! With False Flags, riot’s, drama in politics…and now with an event like this! What’s next..? Will the Elites and their love for sacrifice bring an event we can’t even imagine!?! As I always say we never know what tomorrow brings or takes away! Stay safe stay blessed and always keep prepared my friends!

Marky Mark Digital Intel
I think what Just is saying here is that this event was “intentional”, the use of “false flag” & “staged events/fake news” is confusing as some events are actually staged. Just speaks from his heart man, I think he is AGAIN 100% correct on this one. All of us would be marching alongside you mate if we were there. Get them filthy pollys.

Mark Williams
BlackLabelSlushie – there may not have been a direct ‘ conspiracy to burn this thing down, kill people, but it wouldn’t surprise me and those that entertain the thought are hoping to be proven wrong when they build a nice new shiney 24 storey building for the 100 poorest families in london on some of the most expensive real estate in the world!. i hope they prove me wrong. but the conspiracy is cutting corners, shitty workmanship. i’m a surveyor and i can’t for the life of me imagine what made that building burn like that. i work surveying nursing homes to bring them up to fire code and i can’t believe what i saw. was it clad with f*** charcoal? that wouldn’t burn like that. oh and if your tiny brain can handle thinking for two minutes have u any thoughts on why on 9’11, 3, yes f***wit, 3 towers fell, into their own footprint from fires which were bbqs compared to this, so u might wanna turn on your telly, and wonder how on earth this thing is still standing!.

Charlene Boyle-Kelly
A false flag doesn’t mean that no one died it just means that things are blamed on other people. It was heartbreaking watching the people calling for help. it had a 10 million pound rehab last year which it was just plastic to make it look better. God bless the victims and their families.

Grenfell Fire – Many Strange Things – What else is new?
Texas Shrugged ergo Quantum Conscience
Published on Jun 15, 2017

Want to take a look at the Grenfell fire with me? As usual, nothing adds up to “normal.” What else is new!

”Somebody threw a baby from the 10th floor and a passer-by caught it?”  A good project for investigation.  Get up ten floors with a pillow weighing about the same as the ”baby” and see if someone actually catches it below and film the result.

Towering Inferno 1974 film & the London Grenfell Tower fire of June 14
Zachary K Hubbard
Looking at the Gematria involved.

Arthur Mcgonnell @ AAG: 16 June 2017
This was no accident ..check links to shady Zionist Frank Lowy, Westfield shopping centre, World Trade Centre & Kenyan shopping Mall false flag…follow the money..& RIP all those that lost their lives..Unity Vibes West Side..Nuff Love 1& All X

Mark Gardner
8 miles? did ya note the H shape in the fire pics H = 8

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