FPFF – Finsbury Park False Flag

Anonymous @ AAG: 19 June 2017
I don’t think it’s just May the perpetrators are trying to destablise but the whole country. Having tried and failed to provoke whites in Manchester and London with false flags, they’re now trying to provoke blacks and Muslims into lashing out.

But as the measured response of Muslims at this mosque has shown, the people orchestrating these atrocities are not British and don’t understand Britain.

GW:  Yes right on – We Shall Not Be Moved!

We Shall Not Be Moved – Mavis Staples

LSC @ Watford Observer:
Well, this is what I was afraid of. The wedge being driven further in between people. Divide and conquer. The bad guys know they are outnumbered millions to one by the good guys (of all faiths and none), so the only chance is to turn some good guys into bad guys. ASSUMING this attack is what it looks like, there will now be some moderate muslims on the streets of Finsbury and elsewhere feeling a little a little less moderate today. And so it begins…

After performing a citizen’s arrest Mr Mahmoud said he protected the van driver’s life because he feared “anger or mob rule would have taken charge”.


GW:  Well done Mr Mahmoud – better than the police ”shooting to kill” the other day.  He perhaps suspects that this guy is just another unfortunate ”patsy”. Mr Mahmoud is not just a pretty face.

More ToriCon Cover-up.

Finsbury Park cover-up: TeasMaid says it was a ”lone wolf” but 4 separate witnesses say three men were in attack van


a person @ Daily Express
Our politicians got us into this mess – Anthony Lynton Blair wanted MASS immigration.  We never hear from him do we now. Gone very quiet.  I never voted for him thank God.  Allegedly he has 9 bodyguards.

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