Body Snatchers – Are People Kidnapped At False Flag Events & Given New Identities Or Worse?

Enchanted Life Path TV

Streamed live on Jun 12, 2017
Statements by Dr John Sinclair Calder and a Higher Senior Anatomical Pathologist employed at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield  Contribution by Annie Logical. 

Katherine Eldon
3:15 = 3 X 6 = 666. The entire event was 666 coded.

Enchanted LifePath TV
hi katherine yes indeed, i have done so much work on hillsborough over the past 3 years its unreal exposing it as a satanic blood sacrifice digging up an awful lot on it find it all you will see more

wendy frost
i told my other half about hillsborough being a freemasons day out – he went ballistic………the usual through the brain washing and mind control around it all…….have you got a good link i can watch and so can my other half…..thanks you and GOD BLESS

karen mcardle
I think Ellie Cheet-ham needs researching. Is John Dee an ancestor, that names not being used by coincidence, those in the know will know the truth of it all, but I can’t see them speaking out, due to the fear of God?? I know there’s a higher power for sure, whether it be God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit av still to find that out myself for sure. Or has God’s name been used to control these demons, I always questioned why God would be dog backwards, As above so below springs to mind. sending protection thoughts to you & yours, It also wouldn’t surprise me if the waves of whatever, are having you expose this. It is a hard 1 to expose because it is Real life in real-time for us in the here & Now.

karen mcardle
I went straight to reading about the Hillsborough victims, Why would they have to be transported back to the grounds, that can’t be allowed (surly) I haven’t time to listen tonight (but invasion of the body snatchers springs to mind) il listen to this & read the other links you’ve left on Tuesday, If that reports anything to go by They’ve been using us in their experiments ECT.

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