Question Time 15/6/17: Grenfell Tower lessons, Brexit u-turn, credible Corbyn and Tim Farron

I Am Incorrigible
Published on Jun 15, 2017

Jan TT211
“Not my research – just a copy and paste from a Spectator poster:
1 – the block of flats was run not by any council but by KCTMO. This body is made up of 8 TENANTS, 4 councillors and 3 independent members.
2 – Labour hold the seat that the block is situated in.
3 – Labour run the London Council who manage the under funded London Fire Service
4 – incidentally Emma Coad the sitting Labour MP for that ward also sat on the KCTMO.
5 – the advice to stay put which Sadiq Khan has been so vocal about was given by the London Fire Service.
6 – the decision to change contractors during the refurb was made by KCTMO.
7 – the decision not to spend a paltry £138k on fitting sprinklers again KCTMO.
8 – the decision to create ALMO organisation such as the KCTMO was made under the Right To Manage legislation passed in 2002 as part of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act.
9 – this was put in place to give leasehold tenants a greater say and the ability to self manage, which has clearly proven to be a disaster.
10 – and which Govt was in a charge when this law was passed? Yup you guessed it Labour.
11 – Sadiq Khan as mayor of London produced a report to say that the fire service did not need further funding.
12 -Emma Coad elected Labour MP was on the board of the Tenant Management group who are being accused of not listening to tenants”.

Tara De Courcey (edited)
Jan TT21 and all under a Tory government!
Guess they were too busy making people’s lives a misery or killing pensioners, or mass murdering people in the middle east so they had no say in the matter!
BTW Teresa May voted against fire regulations yet just like the Tory that she is she can wipe her hands of any wrong doing, ok if that helps her sleep at night!

Baron Von Trenk (edited)
We are spending Millions on wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya and antagonising Russia (Operation Iron Wolf is in full swing in the Baltic right now). These wars benefit the 7% that own 90% of the country’s wealth and of course also help our wonderful friends in Israel.

There seems to be no interest in focusing on how to tackle high rise fires – because the people that live in those blocks are mostly thought to be a burden on society. We can spend millions on F35s that can’t even fly but Firestations have to share a long ladder fire tender.

STOP these, refugee-creating-wars in the Middle East and Ukraine and start using the tax payers money to improve the United Kingdom.  This should be a wake up call and the 60 people who will have died in Grenfell Tower will hopefully not have died in vain!

David of Yorkshire (edited)
MrKarmoy1 : Sorry but bullshit… Iraq was a con – we all know the lies we were told, Libya was about a gold currency threatening the petro-dollar and the rest were politically motivated with a bias towards oil.

I’m not making excuses for terrorism, but don’t blame the start of this on countries that didn’t initiate combat. Your dreaming if you think the west has clean hands on this…

I don’t know where you get your facts, our population has not exploded, in fact birthrates​ are down and the issues we have is an aging population with no youth to pay the taxes necessary to pay current commitments. Why do you think the government wants immigration so much? The numbers are dwindling and immigrants are the only way to pad the numbers​ of the employed.

As for Brexit… The old guard is popping up to screw around with the democratic decision made. Those who were removed from power are back to tell us what is right and wrong, why are we listening to these has-beens? especially Blair he should be hiding in a deep dark hole somewhere for fear the right question is asked of him and he finds himself answering for misleading government, the country and taking us to war. He has the temerity too not only return to Britain but think he is relevant or will be heard after what he did.
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Rubin Schmidt1
David of Yorkshire….
Even Peter Powers 1000 man “crisis actor” team, that turned up at the same locations, on the same day, at the same time, as the “terrorists” chose as their targets and Peter Power had appeared on the BBC Panorama program that predicted an attack on three tubes trains and a road vehicle, aired one year and one month before the “Event” occurred, it didn’t raise enough eyebrows, at the 7th. July 2005 London bombings. Those who questioned the official narrative quickly discovered how bogus the State Sponsored Terror Attack was and were not so easily fooled by The Manchester Hoax or the London Bridge Hoax. In 2005, people could only find two sites which scrutinised the “story”, Ludicrous Diversion & 7/7 Ripple Effect. Now, there are dozen’s of sites which expose these crimes for what they really are, and there’s less excuse for the public not to investigate, the activities of the REGIME, WHILE THEY STILL CAN. !!!

Anonymous @ AAG: 14 June 2017
While we are thinking about false flags and fake elite narratives, has anybody noticed that the towerblock burning for hours in London did not collapse due to fire, yet we are told that both of the World Trade Centre twin towers did in next to no time?

Perhaps the fires are colder in London…

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