Grenfell Tower fire: Thousands demand Theresa May hold inquest instead of inquiry amid ‘whitewash’ fears

Started by Andrew Gow, the petition urges signees to: “Prevent the Government from whitewashing the truth and keeping the UK’s planning and regulation laws in the dark ages any longer. Stand with the residents of Grenfell as well as the residents of the UK’s 4,000 other tower blocks and make sure this does not happen again.”

Leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council Nicholas Paget-Brown

”Kensington and Chelsea Council threatened a resident of Grenfell Tower with legal action after he blogged about his concerns over fire safety.

The Grenfell Action Group (GAG) raised their fears time and again both with the council and with the company which managed the doomed 24-storey tower block, writing an eerily prophetic post last year warning that only a “catastrophic event” would expose the “ineptitude and incompetence” of their landlord, the KCTMO.

Instead of taking their concerns seriously, the Conservative-run council replied with its own warning letter from solicitor, Vimal Sama, dated 25 July 2013 and addressed to Francis O’Connor, accusing him of “defamatory behaviour” and “harassment.””

‘Haunted’ by the Grenfell fire: Fridge owner’s devastation after deaths

Trevor Ammanford
1)  Grenfell Tower fire is believed to have started shortly before 1am when a fridge on the seventh floor exploded. Samira Lamrini said: ‘The man whose flat it was came out and said it was his flat. He was a slim, tall, white British man. (Daily Mail 15/06/2017).

2) ‘People have lost their lives. I can’t bear it’: Ethiopian taxi driver whose faulty fridge started the inferno’ says he’ll ‘never get over’ how many were killed. Behailu Kebede raised the alarm as the Grenfell Tower inferno began to spread, his neighbours have said. Father of one, a taxi driver from Ethiopia,discovered the fire in his fourth floor kitchen ahead of blaze.Tower block resident Maryam Adam said he knocked on her door to warn her at 12.50am on Tuesday night. (Daily Mail 16/06/2017).

Someone is telling porkie pies here but who?ShaunJamie

Shaun Jamie
it’s all very strange as they’re not focussing on him that much why? if there saying its his fridge or maybe ‘and yes hate me for saying this’ but maybe just maybe it was planned so he could get a new home until it totally back fired literally and if the fire was as small as the lady who said she saw it through his open door WHY? didn’t he attempt to put it out himself  l’m sure l and many other people in this situation would have done so no matter how old or disable they were!!! think there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Tory donor Jeremy Coller’s  firm owned stake in refurb company accused of using cheap cladding on Grenfell Tower

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