Dave Acton George Webb Sweigert Defango Lift the Veil – JEWISH ACTING SHILLS EXPOSED!!


Published on Jun 14, 2017

Dave Acton the actor aka Dave Sweigert…Jew, admitted his sister is Jewish in past, name is Jewish, actor, product placement seller on Infowars, writes books on hacking, works in cyber security, etc…
Author of:
Ethical Hacker’s Field Operations Guide, 2016
How to Survive a HIPAA Audit, 2015
Dave Sweigert is a 20 year veteran in the information security space and has extensive experience in multiple information security engineering disciplines including corporate information leadership and management, measuring and improving organizational productivity, risk assessment, process re-engineering, application and platform controls, cryptography, and network and physical protection.
his brother…George Webb Sweigert…Specialties: Strategic selling, account development, account management, prospecting, qualifying, secure marquee accounts. I specialize in developing call plans to land new accounts, crafting messaging for effective prospecting, and closing with unique customer benefit presentations. Saas, Web analytics, behavioral analytics, data mining, large scale database, Java middleware, network management, network troubleshooting, application availability and performance are my areas of technical experience.
Defango…aka Manuel Chavez III aka Jewish name Frank Schwellington III…claims to be in the Illuminati, sells, seeks donations, sells Apple clothing products and more!! this dude is no doubt in my mind a complete Jewish liar and disinfo shill like no other I’ve seen in quite a while!!
Lift the Veil…another actor, confirmed actor and seeks money for his bs, this dude has been so exposed it’s not even worth it lol

Thank You
Getting damn tired on the Jews in the “Truther World” I must say.

The Morning Star
Du tror val ändå inte att alla dessa människor är s.k skådespelare och joos? Tror du på zog också? Det finns en massa mentalsjuka människor i världen, speciellt i USA, och i USA finns även en stor andel människor av. Judisk härkomst, så det är ingen överraskning att det är många sådana inom media och i maktpositioner där. Sannolikhetslära. Defango är en av (den enda?) de mer rationella i the ‘truther movement’. Flashback ftw, BTW.

The Way
The Morning Star – You worship Lucifer too, I see by your name. You are an agent of the Jesuits, Mr. Know it all. Because you think Defango is the most lucid in the truth movement says it all. He is the most occult.
He is a Jewish agent for distraction and confusion only. He knows who is in power, because the Jesuits are paying him thru their Jewish run banks. What Jesuit school did you attend, you pagan sorcerer? Offered any human sacrifices lately?

Johnny Supertramp 2 (edited)
G Webb and Goodman are shills they are pushing an agenda, the Trump agenda. Its cleverly disguised tho. Ya i think LTV is jewish, he says he’s not, but he obviously is. Ya they’re really good salesman, the Webb and Goodman, good actors and sellers but they’re selling bullshit. Totally leads people away from the truth and into wild conspiracy theories when the evidence points otherwise.

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