30,000 buildings in UK are covered in the same cladding as Grenfell Tower

30,000 buildings in UK are covered in the same cladding as Grenfell Tower

Thanks to Labour Left for the link.

Abu Ramal

“I’m very concerned as to why Mrs May came out so quickly to say public inquiry. What is there that she knows that needs to be hidden”, Residents should, “really be demanding an INQUEST from the Government”

Sophie Khan, solicitor for the victims of the Lakanal House tower block fire in Camberwell in 2009, says that a public inquiry is NOT the right way to pursue an investigation into the events surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire.

“The right way is INQUESTS. The families have a right to participate ……… the Coroner is independent of the Government. In a public inquiry it is very much Government led, Government controlled, Government outcome”.

When asked, “Do you think it’s an absolutely worked out position that if the Government goes for a public inquiry and NOT an inquest, they will be not subject to the same scrutiny?” Ms Khan said, “YES, that is correct,; because in an inquest they (the Government) lose control ”

Please share. An inquest is needed and not a public inquiry!

Mike Maunder · Falmouth Marine School

Kerry Louise Daniels – > Specialist Neurorehabilitation Technician at NHS
Kensington and Chelsea is the number one hotspot for buy-to-leave properties, purchased by foreign billionaires to sit empty and increase in value, and there are almost 20,000 buy-to-leave properties throughout London, including livable flats. While it’s not a solution, putting an end to that would be a start. Rent out or sell on.

Donna Adair-Hedges · London, United Kingdom
There was a fire in one of the blocks you’ve pictured last year and the fire was contained to the one flat !

Deborah Cunningham
Could your child’s school building be at risk? My sons school is a new build with cladding so I’ve just emailed them and included a link to this post. Shocking that anyone should have to enquire when there are building safety regulations but I’d advise anyone concerned to also make contact and check the facts. No excuse for the neglect of people’s safety!

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