Grenfell Tower fire: Italian couple called parents from 23rd storey flat as they watched flames rise towards them

Lots of flats were bought under Right to buy. They were subsequently bought by BTL landlords and property companies (only they could afford the unknown cost of any future improvement works which is shared out amongst owners).

There were a number of private flats in that tower block and flats in it were advertised in Rightmove in April this year at a figure between £400/500 per week – (up to £25,000 a year).

Please think carefully before making a comment.

Breaking news From the Guardian

“Omnis Exteriors asked to supply cladding £2 cheaper a square metre than fire-resistant type, investigation finds”

Who asked Omnis to do that ?

Who needs a 6 month enquiry? – Who asked Omnis to do that?

The buck stops with the government, they sign off on everything. I pay my taxes to make sure they do a proper job. In our capitalist driven society it’s deemed ‘smart’ to make money. Companies are only likely to minimally self regulate. Regulations need to be fit for purpose and protect everyone – that is what I pay my taxes for and I don’t want to be short changed. This is a horrific tragedy that should not have happened- the only ones to blame are those in government, past and present who have done nothing except sit on their ar*es.
By the way I hope I never come across you in healthcare ( where you claim to work) – you really think you are something else…

Steve Hill
Yes, we should all be prudent and await the findings on an enquiry.

But meanwhile, two facts: (1) The cladding employed is banned in the USA and elsewhere. (2) Fireproof cladding costs an additional £2 per meter.

This is happening in a country that wants to make a bonfire of red tape in the name of “health and safety gone mad”.

Now we know what a proper bonfire looks like.

GW: Didn’t D Cameron march around No10 saying he wanted to make war on ”regulations”?
”In 2012 David Cameron promised to rip up all health and safety regulations……job well done.” Thanks.

…and how much are these out of touch Tories spending on Buckingham Palace renovations? 350 million? Welcome to double standards Britain.

Cut police, cut firefighters, cut public services, sneer about regulation that protects those without millions then produce an onion when on tv to pretend that the fantastic, though choked off services, performed with true Dunkirk spirit. Then try to ameliorate a situation that could’ve been avoided for the sake of a few quid. Would that cladding go on Houses of Parliament or Buck House? Then thank your lucky stars that everyone (bar the government) offers financial help, until you are shamed into throwing a bone because of negative PR. This country has gone to the dogs in twelve short months.

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