Theresa May U-turns on promise to rehouse Grenfell Tower residents in local area

The other side of the Grenfell Tower argument – putting aside for a minute the insane idea to put flammable cladding on a building – cladding which is banned in Australia, Dubai & Germany ……..  It’s back to the fact that there are already 80 Million in the UK and we are still not controlling the immigration or dealing with BREXIT – Good Lord Theresa!

Care for the UK
If immigrants to the UK did not demand to be housed in London (where a lot of indigenous people would like to live but cannot afford to), there would be no need for these high-rise buildings. London is unable to cope with the influx of immigrants and the additional infrastructure needed to support them. There are many native born people who are homeless, but immigrants waltz into the UK and demand to be housed and not anywhere in the UK, BUT IN LONDON !! Theresa May is blamed for this tragedy. What utter rubbish. She is a new person on the scene. The troubles all started during the Labour government and the reason is because they allowed unrestricted immigration without careful management of the infrastructure needed to support the influx. This building was the responsibility of the Labour Government – built and maintained for years under a Labour government – the source of today’s problems.

My question is, what actually happened. And I feel that some are taking the opportunity to destabilise the country. They need to be re housed but it is council accommodation and you take your chances. Lots of questions need to be asked. Yes I feel a degree of shock, but after all we have endured the last few months, I fear I am becoming shock proof. I fear I have become a conspiracy theorist.  Welcome to the world of ”Watch” Janet.

You can collect mine for starters ‘idiot’ You see no wrong in 150,000 EU Immigrants– 150,000 none EU immigrants and now we hear that on top of these crazy figures the Government agree that there may be 150,000 illegal immigrants arriving on this ISLAND every fifty two weeks of every year ( at a time when our Infrastructure is buckling at the knees ) And ‘THAT’ makes someone ‘Racist’ for pointing it out Go back to bed you Cretin ….

They have to be re-housed where there is housing, it’s not rocket science.
It is tragic what has happened to these people however there are many living in cardboard boxes under bridges and in shop doorways. They should be grateful they are getting housing anywhere!

Exactly! I’m furious to think all these newcomers had been given flats in central London when there are thousands of people struggling to commute many hours a week because they can’t afford to live anywhere near where they work. Then there’s the homeless and what about all the rest on housing waiting lists – many have been on there for YEARS.
It’s hugely unfair and the time has come for something to be done about it.

All the more reason to import another 300,000 and a further 150,000 illegals every year You know it makes sense don’t ya ? Ps 150,000 illegals you may ask ! Yes buy yesterdays daily Mail and read page 20 ….

Its social housing, mostly paid for by the tax payer, these people who are now homeless will unfortunately have to be housed wherever there is availability, demanding to be housed in the same area is unrealistic

Troy Tempest
There will but a lot more than 120 empty homes, but they will be privately owned by absentee (often foerign) investor buyers.

Death toll still rising, the council will not need to find 120 homes. Would you really want to live nearby if you survived such a fire, it would be a constant reminder.

Care for the UK
Mustafa Al Mansour, who organised a protest outside Kensington town hall yesterday, demanded that the Government “cover the cost of rehoming the victims of this tragedy”. He DEMANDS ! If a private resident’s home burns down and they do not have insurance, they are left high and dry with NO HELP. Of course, I feel sorry for the victims of this tragedy and wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but this possible guy in free housing in a prime location in London (that others would give their souls to live in but cannot afford), DEMANDS, DEMANDS, DEMANDS. I wonder how long he has lived in the UK and how much he has paid into the system? He always has the option to return to his peaceful, liberal, generous, caring homeland.

Very sorry for all the people in that block but with a severe shortage of housing up and down the country particularly in London people on benefits can’t afford to be picky and should go wherever the country has free housing, they get it for free which they wouldn’t in other countries.

If the taxpayer is paying for their accommodation they ought to be grateful they will be given alternative accommodation in whatever part of the country. There are many homeless people that would be grateful for a roof over their heads.

GW:  Yep met ”Andy” again last night – a homeless Watfordian – still homeless since we last spoke – and he is just one of about 5O long-term homeless locals!  These guys have been born and bred in this country and have held jobs and paid tax.  Common Theresa & TC Watford MP Rich Harrington – get your fingers out or GET OUT!!!

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