Theresa May leaves church by side door surrounded by protesters chanting ‘coward’

Government was warned and sat on the reports for 4 years, she’s the head of the government.  Now GO.

History Doctor
It’s not just that. They’ve been sitting on that report for four years. Fire safety is a Home Office responsibility, and we all know who was Home Secretary for most of the last four years, don’t we?

This is primitive I know, but a leader is expected to do two things. Show courage and show they care about those they lead. That touches very deep chords in people that go way further than our rationality. So far May fails badly on both counts.

Theresa….the people want an inquest NOT an inquiry.
Please get that through your weak and wobbly skulĺ.
Inquests cannot be politically tampered with.

Public inquiries can be influenced by politicians, for example, by writing the terms of reference so anything embarrassing doesn’t come out. Inquests are judicial proceedings and can’t be influenced in the same way.

Who decided she was competent. Who fed us daily stories of her outperforming Blair and Thatcher in the popularity stakes. The establishment media need to really take a good look at themselves too

alex campbell
Saving £2 per sq/m was more important than saving lives. No wonder there’s anger.

Theresa May can’t surely prevent from fires, terrors, floods and other disasters, and as Prime Minister it is her duty to be in charge to address consequences. Nevertheless, if her duty is also to be gifted by mere human empathy just as the victims of disaster want and need to see the leader is resonating with their losses, then Theresa May has failed not for the first time, not for the second time, she keeps failing in all these situations just as she simply isn’t gifted with feelings of ordinary humans, and that itself should be the reason enough not to play the role of leaders of the ordinary humans.

I’m sure you are right-she is probably aspergic, like a lot of politicians. You would think that she would be aware of this and have good advisers but she is also very arrogant and that compounds her problem.

When your life is dictated by spin doctors, the top 1%, and you have a guilty conscience since the home office days, there’s no right time or other outcome apart from this.

The government sat on the fire safety report for the last four years. That’s a Home Office responsibility and she was Home Secretary for 3 of those 4 years, and Prime Minister for the other year. How is she not responsible, at least in part, for this? Her party also voted down the Labour amendment that would have required landlords to reach minimum standards of safety, one of which was fire safety.

Coffee Buzz
The Tories are now reaping the rewards of their twisted and self-serving ideology. On top of the years of austerity which have forced so many further into poverty, they have failed to protect public services and public welfare with their excessive privatisation and deregulation. Furthermore they have thrown the country into chaos and instability with the chaotic and inept implementation of a referendum they called without clarity or the usual checks and balances, and a further election where the mainstream media narrative has been effectively destroyed to show them up clearly for the visionless, ideology driven and self-interested elitists they are. There is clearly great dissatisfaction with their ratings plummeting further as the days go on. The only decent thing they can do now is to put a temporary halt on the Brexit talks and call another election.

Poor old Terry May, everything he touches is turning to crop at the mo.

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