Predictive Programming In Grigory Leps Video – HARRODS and BRIXTON Next?

Spudgy Pang

Published on Jun 15, 2017
Even the timeline is there. 5 Govt Black Ops for the Spring & Summer in Londinium. 3 Already Completed – 2 to go…
Throw in a Tube psyop for good measure. This DJ Antoine London vid is a Total match for all 3 completed psyops so far.  Government Zionist Freemasonry exposed.

Leps’ Connections with International Criminal Groups

Gregory Leps

In October 2013, the US Department of the Treasury blacklisted Grigory Leps, over links with an international criminal group.[14] He was accused of being a money courier for the Brothers’ Circle, which the Treasury describes as a Eurasian criminal organization chiefly based in countries of the former Soviet Union

The ole ”Czech Aboard” eh Mr Pang? Pounds to pence Grigory Leps has Ashkenazi roots.  Antoine has won awards for his ”discography”  but started out in ”hip hop.” Sweet!

Grenfell – Pre-advertised as usual by the Media

Published on Jun 14, 2017
The Dark Tower 2017.


The deck of playing cards referenced in the video above, is shown in this article below.  The Economist has connections to the Rothschilds.  Tptwtb consider what they do day-to-day with the Sheeple as similar to playing a card game or a board game.  Just amusement.  Poker anyone?  A game of Risk maybe?

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