London Bridge Terrorist ”Script” Unravels Even Further

London Bridge Attack Lies: Sky’s the Limit!

smoke’n mirrors
Published on Jun 15, 2017

Michael Weston
good video . Stuff I don’t quite follow in the main detail of media timeline is this –
they say they first drove their red corsa to Romford where they picked up the van , then drove it to Barking and met the ringleader .. ok so ? the van is a B& Q rental – look it up on youtube to see to rental procedure ( ie the press say they put chairs in the back to avoid questions about hire needs ) and payment and document requirements .. Ok so why hire a van in one part of the city when there are 5 branches in Barking? also they say he tried to rent a truck but would not give credit card details? again refer to B&Q rental conditions to understand this makes no sense. Why rent a van requiring pre registration and details when they have their own red Corsa ( wonder why the colour is mentioned ) to drive around in causing terror … ?

Mr Happy talks about getting people away from the upstairs emergency exits ( see full interviews for detail ) .. so he is preventing people from escaping ? also the restaurant I see is under a railway bridge and has no upper floor ??
Really odd one now … the media says the 3 terrorists were shot by 8 firearms officers unloading 46 rounds .. do the maths to see they fired part of a round each ?? When using firearms you Know Exactly how many round you have and finish with …error is not possible with military munitions .. also even if only for example 5 officers and this is a lot of rounds to kill 3 people , were they missing and therefore not capable for public gun carry or did they just want to impress ?? this percentage of rounds per officer is greater than the percentage of rounds fired per soldier in Bloody Sunday ..

Flat Earth (edited)
Hey Smoke, don’t know if someone has mentioned it, but the RED bus passing by in the background at 0:14 has the next text on it “Buy a ticket and go to hell”. Bus has the number 344. 

Something Fishy
WOW — that is the cleanest throat cutting knife attack ever. No blood around the collar?!? Did he WISK around the collar?

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