Andrea Leadsom Tries To Lance The TeasMaid Boil

Thanks to NLAT for the link. The media are suddenly ”in a frenzy” to attack the Tories about Grenfell Tower yet before the election they were ”in bed” with ’em.  MSM just a bunch of turncoats!  As Pat Henningsen of 21st Century Wire said the Alternative Media were down at Grenfell Tower a couple of years ago trying to help residents with a court case related to what has just transpired a few days ago!  See UK Column broadcast 15 June 2017.

Good Lord even the Queen’s come down to talk with them even though she is getting ready for Ascot and she has brought William with some donations.  TeasMaid could have easily done that.  What a plonker she is.

Theresa May to visit Grenfell Tower fire victims in hospital after avoiding residents due to ‘security concerns’

I truly hope that the people who are lying in their hospital beds aren’t shocked and traumatised even more by this visit, and that the relatives of those people are also allowed to express their feelings towards theresa…

…. Also, we can’t expect the people most deeply affected by this, to endure the sort of long drawn out enquiry that the people of Hillsborough and Orgeave endured….

I’m learning as i go along, and from what has been shared across the internet then it must be a public inquest as opposed to a government enquiry… That way it is an independent investigation and not led by the govt, who have obvious bias…

I have my reservations about the royal family but good on them for at least stepping up, and braving the potential hostility…

Personally,I’d tell her to get stuffed! The Queen was able to attend today despite any “security concerns”! Tory politician’s and May in particular, are proving that the poor don’t matter until we’re dead and very publicly dead!

Too little too late. Time to move over Theresa, and let someone with a heart step up!

Parliament Now In ”Lock-Down” – Oh For Goodness Sakes – Bunch Of Cowardy Custards!  More Tptwtb FF BS!

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